Listen to your customers and take action.
Continually improve the customer experience by soliciting their feedback and acting on it with a best-in-class survey program. Design visually-compelling surveys and take a data-driven approach to target customers with the right survey at the right time. Combine intelligent text analytics with our automated Playbooks to execute a closed-loop response workflow.

Intelligent targeting with customer insight

Leverage customer insights to send personalized outreaches to the right contacts at precisely the right moment in the customer journey.

A scalable approach to customer feedback

Design high-impact journeys that automatically send surveys, follow-up reminders, thank yous, and specific actions for your team to close the loop.

Efficiently design best-practice surveys

Quickly and easily create personalized, visually appealing surveys, leveraging assets from Gainsight’s Best Practice Library.

Make follow-up simple and fast

Plan and execute the right set of cross-functional action to quickly respond to customer feedback with alerts and playbooks.

Stay in tune with your customers

Text analytics and machine learning analyzes text responses, making it easy to understand and identify trends in sentiment.

  • "The real value-add is not just the feedback from the customers, it's building CTAs off those feedback scores that allow us to act appropriately and quickly, every time." Domenico Batteate, Program Manager, New Customer Experience Adobe Sign


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Our customers use the Gainsight Platform to predict and manage customer risk, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions across their teams to drive expansion and advocacy at scale.

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