Tech Infrastructure

Gainsight provides infrastructure and hardware companies with a single source of truth to increase share of wallet, drive renewals, and manage their customer and partner base at scale.

Monitor Maintenance and Support Renewals

Gainsight enables companies to take action with automated alerts tied to key events throughout the customer lifecycle, including contract renewals. Gainsight provides Account Management teams with:

  • Automated notifications triggered by customer behavior
  • Playbooks to scale teams and drive consistency
  • Success Plans to track customer objectives and demonstrate value

Recognize Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Gainsight identifies white space by tracking and reporting against customer purchase patterns, license data, and customer health trends to drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Gainsight enables Account Management teams through:

  • Automated notifications about potential account expansion opportunities
  • Custom reports and dashboards to highlight client trends and growth opportunities
  • Automated emails triggered by customer behavior or life cycle events

Provide a Single Source of Truth

Gainsight integrates data across multiple accounts and systems to provide an accurate assessment of overall customer health. This creates a holistic view of all customer information accessible in one place and provides Account Managers with:

  • A unified view of previously disparate customer data
  • Customer insights from on multiple data sources
  • Cross-team collaboration to share knowledge and take action

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