Customer Success technology built for technical advisors

At Red Hat, the Technical Account Management program is a key component of the overall Customer Success strategy.

- David Chia
Regional Manager, Customer Engagement, Red Hat

David Chia

Unleash the power of data to gain key insights into customer outcomes.

TAM, SAM, SAE, TRM, TCM—no matter what you call the role, Gainsight will help your team more effectively drive value for customers, collaborate across teams, and demonstrate impact.

Understand Complex Relationships

Leverage a centralized system for critical customer data, record your activities, and proactively address data-driven alerts.

Prove TAM Value

Align with your Customers on the outcomes they want out of your product or services and demonstrate how your TAM activities realize those outcomes.

Make Meetings Seamless

Quickly export your customer’s plans and data from Gainsight into a customer-ready PowerPoint presentation for the next Business or Technical Review.

Optimize Your Workflow

Distribute best practices and strategies for account growth both internally and externally with prescriptive playbooks and best-in-class workflow.

Gainsight is the most advanced technology of its kind

No other software offering or homegrown solution comes close in terms of power, customizability, scalability, or effectiveness.

  • Rules Engine
    The heart of Gainsight technology is the category-defining Rules Engine. Use diverse data to trigger workflow, communications, surveys, and much more.

    Create personalized reports and dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights. Look at usage, billing data, interactions, survey results, and more.

    Gain business insights around retention, growth, opportunity, and lifecycle stage tailored to every role. Make faster, better-informed decisions with all your critical information in a single view.

    Model and manage the success of complex real-world customer relationships. Ideal for customers using multiple siloed products or having multiple points of contact.

  • Customer360
    Create a holistic view of the customer to serve as the Single Source of Truth for customer health and provide easy access to critical data.

    Success Plans
    Create detailed account plans that track progress against goals over time and ensure clients are receiving value from your product to ultimately reduce the risk of churn.

    Sponsor Tracking
    One of the leading indicators of customer risk is sponsor change. Get ahead of the danger by knowing when your champions move positions or companies.

    Health Scorecards
    Create a comprehensive and customized customer health scorecard that measures and trends key qualitative and quantitative indicators over time.

  • Cockpit
    Centralized workflow tool where TAMs can follow data-driven CTAs and task to deliver a standard customer experience as well as record activities for client delivery.

    Trigger daily actions based on critical events or circumstances in the customer lifecycle. Transform your day-to-day workflow into effective, proactive activity.

    Create a consistent customer experience with step-by-step playbooks built on best practices and quickly ramp new team members while minimizing room for error.

    Log activities and notes in a chronological feed-style view. Understand events in a customer’s lifecycle paired with the crucial context from the people involved.

  • CoPilot
    Automate customer interactions based on schedules or triggers. Create and send data-rich, personalized emails without leaving your Gainsight instance.

    Create short 60-second videos to communicate complex information more effectively. Replicate and scale the experience of face-to-face, one-to-one touch.

    Create and send surveys based on key customer data and insight. Make better decisions with detailed reporting on holistic data.

    Success Snapshots
    Export slides and PDFs with the most up-to-date customer data and metrics. Save valuable time by automating the input of customer data into a standardized template.

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Jeff Johnson

Director, Customer & Community Programs

There needs to be attention to the process start to finish. Our CSMs are key strategic and technical advisors and provide consistency phase to phase.

Alex Hesterberg

VP, Customer Success & Technical Field Operations

Even if the AM or the SE change, the Service Account Manager remains the constant representation of Pure Storage to the customer.

Gainsight technology gives you invaluable insight into your customers’ behavior.