Robust Product Analytics to Understand Your Users & Accelerate Growth

Take a self-guided tour of Gainsight PX and see how to put your product at the center of the user experience.

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Gainsight | PX

Reduce Churn

Guide your users to value quickly by using your product as the vehicle for onboarding.

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Gainsight | PX

Accelerate Time to Value

Defeat churn and prove the impact of your retention-boosting efforts.

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Gainsight | PX

Drive User Adoption

Pinpoint roadblocks in your user journey and fuel engagement with in-app messages and more.

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Why Gainsight?

Limitless Across Applications

With Gainsight PX you can analyze and engage users across Web, Mobile, & Desktop apps.

Advanced Product Modeling

Map your product using parent-child relationships, independent of feature naming conventions & URLs

Extreme Data Accuracy

Intelligent auto-suggestions eliminates data redundancies found by using alternative solutions that require manual work.

Deeper Product Analytics

Compare cohorts and drill down into-feature level retention analysis all in real-time.

More Control over Engagements

Our built-in nurturing and throttling rules keeps you in control and helps you prioritize engagements.

World Class Security Measures

Gainsight PX meets all the requirements your security and compliance teams have.