Customer Retention Analysis

If you're trying to figure out where to start with customer retention analysis, we recommend asking your executive team to develop a customer health scorecard, quantifying elements they think are appropriate for analysis and probability to renew and or up-sell to. In the long term, these parameters on this scorecard can be derived through data science, but short-term, intuition about customer retention analysis is a good place to start.

Here are example attributes for a healthy customer to consider for analysis:

  • Executive relationship: What is the status of the relationship between your team and the client key sponsor?

  • Usage frequency: What is the frequency the client is utilizing your product or service?

  • Key feature usage: What key / differentiated features is the client utilizing?

  • Training: What level of training or competency does the client have around your product or service?

  • Support: How have the experiences with the client been with your support organization?

  • NPS: Is your customer providing positive feedback on your Net Promoter surveys?

  • Billing: Is your customer paying invoices in a timely fashion?

  • Reference: Is your customer acting as a reference, privately and publicly?

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