Ways To Increase Customer Retention

Take your customer retention to new heights with Gainsight

Customer retention is a necessary focus for businesses that rely on recurring revenue. If you’re renewing current customers while adding new ones, your revenue will compound and your business will skyrocket. In order to retain customers, you need to fully understand what they want out of your product and do all you can to deliver it in a way that leaves customers confident and satisfied. Many things can lead to churn (when a customer doesn’t renew their contract) and it’s up to your post-sales team to prevent those instances from occurring.

Gainsight is your secret weapon for increased customer retention. The Customer Success platform is packed with tools that will help you stay on top of customer activity and prevent churn.

With Gainsight, you can:

  • Easily view customer health scores and receive alerts when customers are at risk of churning
  • Automate workflows for customer retention and product usage
  • Work collaboratively across departments to turn customer feedback into reality
  • View product usage, support tickets, survey responses, and other customer information in one place

Sign up for a demo today to learn more about how Gainsight can help increase your customer retention efforts. Gainsight works with your CRM, so whether you’re using, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or all of them combined, Gainsight can be your central source of customer data.