G2 Grid for Customer Success (Fall 2019) Image

G2 Grid for Customer Success (Fall 2019)

UPDATE: Check Out the Spring 2020 G2 Grid for Customer Success

It’s fall, and you know what that means: the leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice lattes are back in season, and Gainsight is being recognized as a “Leader” on the G2 Grid for Customer Success.

It’s our fifth-straight time receiving this honor and far from us taking it as a given, we’re even more grateful than ever. Achieving Leader status on the G2 Grid means more to us than any journal’s recognition, because it’s entirely based on our customers’ online reviews. Our business is customer success, and if we’re not delivering on that promise for our customers, we don’t deserve to be in business at all. That’s why it’s especially meaningful when those customers take the time to post about their experiences on sites like G2.

But as important as this report is to us, it’s even more important to people evaluating customer success platforms. The G2 Grid For Customer Success is a completely unbiased, scientific aggregation of customer reviews and third-party market data. It evaluates all the software providers in the category across usability, scalability, data security, and much more. Every review is stringently verified by G2 and the aggregate scores are blended with a market presence score to account for long-term stability and sample size. There are four categories on the grid: Leader, High Performer, Contender, or Niche player.

If you’re even thinking about thinking about customer success software, this document will be invaluable. It’s all about showcasing real experiences from real customers—their wins, their challenges, the strengths and weaknesses of the platform—you’ll see it all. Download this report to get:

  • The Fall 2019 G2 Crowd Grid visual
  • A deep dive into the methodology behind the scoring process
  • The Grid scores that determined each vendor’s placement
  • Side-by-side feature comparison
  • Additional data including customer segments, ROI, and more