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Everything you need to turn your customers into your biggest growth engine

The Gainsight Customer Cloud brings together all the technology you need to ensure your customers easily adopt your products and achieve their desired outcomes with your company.

  • Customer Success

    Orchestrate the customer journey across every function and create clients for life by delivering great outcomes at scale.

  • Product Experience

    Combine deep SaaS product analytics with personalized in-app engagements to deliver exceptional user experiences.

  • Customer Experience

    Capture feedback, close the loop with respondents, and discover insights to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

  • Customer Data Platform

    An open platform that acts as a central hub for customer data systems and provides actionable insights to every employee to make better decisions in service of the customer.

  • Revenue Optimization

    Scale revenue growth through whitespace analysis, upsell and cross-sell playbooks, and streamlined renewals processes.

  • Howard Tarnoff


    We are all about Advocacy and providing Successful Customers with a podium and a microphone to tell their stories and with Gainsight we now have our fingers on the "PULSE" of our customers. We can ensure that customers get the right attention at the right time. Without Gainsight it was not possible to preemptively support customer health.
  • Heather Hansen


    Our business is very complex with lots of products, and even in that scenario, Gainsight has proved to be a great tool to help our CSMs have a holistic view of their customers and track their interactions. I'm not sure there's a situation where I wouldn't recommend it. On top of that, the support team and our CSM truly treat us like their only customer.
  • Lauren Denault


    [Gainsight]'s been one of the best decisions we've made. Our team is now contacting customers exactly when they need proactive love rather than after they've asked for help, and our first copilot email has convinced a huge number of customers to turn on critical features with the click of one button.
  • Greg McGlaughlin


    We recently became Gainsight customers and have had a tremendously positive experience with the company and with the system. The act of getting Gainsight up and running at our company has been so smooth and successful, it has greatly exceeded my expectations and serves as a model for how we should roll-out all of our programs.

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6 Experts Share How They Use Customer Feedback to Build a Better Product Image

6 Experts Share How They Use Customer Feedback to Build a Better Product

There is no shortage of feedback these days. But what is everyone doing with it? When you’re trying to deliver an exceptional product, it’s easy to get lost in the constant deluge of customer feedback. Your users are likely communicating with your company through multiple channels and it can seem like feedback gets lost in a black hole. So we asked six experts the following questions to learn more about how they collect and prioritize customer feedback: What are some of the effective ways you collect feedback? How do you work with your customer-facing teams to gather feedback? How do you prioritize what feedback gets incorporated into the product roadmap? Read on to learn how these six product professionals listen and act on customer feedback. You’ll see that while each company’s process is unique, there are some common threads that tie them together. 6 Customer Feedback Processes from Product Management Experts Chris Chumley Chief Operating Officer | CampusLogic Q: What are some of the effective ways you collect feedback? A: We use several channels to collect feedback. All of our customers have the ability to submit feedback directly through a widget in our product. During onboarding, we teach customers how to use […]

16 min readJanuary 21, 2020
10 Product Experience Articles to Add to Your 2020 Reading List Image

10 Product Experience Articles to Add to Your 2020 Reading List

The weather outside might be frightful, but looking back, 2019 was pretty delightful. We’ve released some amazing new Gainsight PX features, put on the best Pulse conference to date, and supported the customer-centric community with an ever-growing content library. With 2020 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to catch up on Gainsight’s top product experience blog posts of 2019. Top 10 Product Experience Blog Posts of 2019 1. Product Metrics Your Board Members Care About The role of the board is changing. It used to be that board members didn’t concern themselves with product experience, but now that the entirety of SaaS revolves around product, they’re beginning to take a more hands-on role. Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta sits down with Ajay Agarwal, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, to discuss which KPIs should be the focus of your next board deck. “If you have a SaaS business where you can see exactly how your customers are using your product, there are a lot of metrics you might be tempted to add to your packet. The first step is to agree on what “good” means to your company and what KPIs are the best at representing that.” 2. The Beginner’s […]

37 sharesJanuary 23, 2020
Top Customer Success Trends To Watch For In 2020 Image

Top Customer Success Trends To Watch For In 2020

On a recent webinar with one of our private equity partners, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta shared an inspiring outlook on what’s to come in the year 2020 for customer success. The industry is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with new concepts and trends. This is a partial transcript of Nick and Gainsight’s vision of the future of customer success. It’s been lightly edited for clarity and length and includes slides from Nick’s presentation. Nick Mehta As we get ready to plan for the new year, there are five themes of customer success that I think should be top of mind for 2020. These are the things I think world-class customer success teams are doing in this new world. I’ll go from the top clockwise [image below] and I’m going to dive into each of these. So on the top, human first leadership, the idea is basically, although customer success as we’ll talk about is a lot about data analytics and renewals and things like that. At the end of the day, a lot of it is about the people in your company, your CSM [Customer Success Manager], the rest of your team building those […]

10 min readDecember 23, 2019
Zero To Hero in 45 Days With Gainsight for Product Managers Image

Zero To Hero in 45 Days With Gainsight for Product Managers

Thursday, January 23 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) When you think of implementing a new product experience and analytics tool, what’s the first feeling that comes to mind? Fear? Exhaustion? It doesn’t have to be a traumatizing experience! Join Gainsight PX customer, Igor Kranjcec (PMM at Infobip) and PX-pert, Link Black, (Technical Client Outcomes Manager at Gainsight) as they discuss the first 45 days implementing Gainsight PX. In this webinar we’ll take you from contract sign to first value, providing real-life examples and the ingredients for a successful implementation. In this webinar, you’ll walk away with: An overview of what to expect in your first 45 days with Gainsight How to overcome common onboarding and change management challenges An inside look at Infobip’s Gainsight PX instance and their onboarding experience

745 registered
Overcoming Customer Apathy with Relevant and Timely Interactions Image

Overcoming Customer Apathy with Relevant and Timely Interactions

Do you have a customer that has stopped responding to your emails, never picks up the phone, and generally pretends that you’re invisible? If you’ve dealt with an apathetic customer, you know just how challenging it can be to get through to them… and how rewarding when you finally get that “eureka!” moment. In this webinar, Adam Joseph, Gainsight’s Director of Customer Success in EMEA, will share his framework for overcoming customer apathy by focusing on timely and relevant customer interactions. What starts with choosing the right communication channel leads to capturing the optimal point of engagement. We’re running through some challenging scenarios to hear Adam’s advice. Aired: Thursday, 30 December | 3:00 PM GMT

871 registered
Zero To Hero In 45 Days With Gainsight For B2B Tech Companies Image

Zero To Hero In 45 Days With Gainsight For B2B Tech Companies

Most people think that upleveling their customer success organization will be a gigantic project that could take months to just get started. But that’s just not true! Tableau started seeing value from their customer success technology upgrade within 45 days. In this webinar, you’ll hear from Jenny Beazley, Senior Director of Worldwide Customer Solutions Programs and Operations at Tableau and Jessie Brainerd, Senior Solutions Architect at Gainsight. They’ll take you through the first 45 days of Tableau’s Gainsight journey to show you how you can start achieving results fast. In this webinar, you’ll get: A detailed examination of the challenges Tableau faced and solved by upgrading their technology. A blueprint for taking your team to the next level of scalability and efficiency. An inside look at the feature functionality and structure of Tableau’s Gainsight instance. And much more.

812 registered
The TRUSt Framework for In-App Engagements Image

The TRUSt Framework for In-App Engagements

There’s a fine line between helpful and spammy when you’re talking to customers inside your product. In-app engagements—outreaches that occur within your product—are one of the most effective ways to drive awareness and adoption. But when your customer success, marketing, and product teams are each sending their own communications, that line gets even finer. No communication strategy is complete without an engagement agreement. With Gainsight’s TRUSt Framework, you can stay aligned on your definition of what’s helpful so you can deliver a seamless customer experience that benefits users. Download Gainsight’s TRUSt Framework and share it with all your internal teams that send in-app engagements. Use the TRUSt Framework to answer questions like: Is this engagement going to add or detract from the customer experience? Should I be sending this email to everyone or just a select group? Should users be able to opt out of this type of engagement? And more!

1 min read
Renewal Center Image

Renewal Center

Put an End to Revenue Leakage If you run a subscription business, you understand how critical revenue predictability is. Knowing which renewals are non-events versus which ones are at-risk helps you build highly accurate forecasts as well as allocate your team’s time optimally. Plus, having deep visibility into where and why you’re losing money every quarter helps you fix broken processes and close every dollar. Despite all of these benefits, however, gaining a high level of control over your renewals remains a challenge with current systems — and that’s why we built Renewal Center. Gainsight Renewal Center helps you deeply understand your renewals business and close every renewal on-time by: Using machine learning to predict which renewals are most likely to close Generating renewals forecasts and realtime reporting on progress against goals Visualizing the status of open renewals along with customer insights in one centralized dashboard Enabling analysis of revenue leakage, drilling down into at-risk renewals, and identifying gaps in data And much more

The Evolution Of Customer Success Image

The Evolution Of Customer Success

When you think about customer success, the simplest possible unit you can reduce it to is one customer, one vendor. One product, one relationship. It’s almost like a single-celled organism. But as that organism evolves in complexity and sophistication, the people, process, and technology required to keep it optimized evolves in tandem. And likewise, since the advent of customer success, the strategies and tactics companies use have evolved as well. In this ebook, co-produced with WNDYR, you’ll read about those evolutions from a highly practical perspective: from start-up, to scale-up, to the enterprise, and beyond. You’ll also get inside looks at some of the most innovative customer success organizations in the world. Download this ebook today to learn: How to pilot a customer success practice in an early-stage or digital transformation company. How to take the next step in your company’s customer success evolution. How to implement best-practice workflows and processes in your CS operations. How companies like Samanage, HubSpot, Glassdoor, and others have up-leveled their CS organizations. And much more.

1 min read