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It takes more than technology to align your customer-facing teams around successful outcomes. It takes effective, tested processes. It takes Gainsight's prescriptive Customer Success Elements.

  • Greg McGlaughlin


    We recently became Gainsight customers and have had a tremendously positive experience with the company and with the system. The act of getting Gainsight up and running at our company has been so smooth and successful, it has greatly exceeded my expectations and serves as a model for how we should roll-out all of our programs.
  • Howard Tarnoff


    We are all about Advocacy and providing Successful Customers with a podium and a microphone to tell their stories and with Gainsight we now have our fingers on the "PULSE" of our customers. We can ensure that customers get the right attention at the right time. Without Gainsight it was not possible to preemptively support customer health.
  • Lauren Denault


    [Gainsight]'s been one of the best decisions we've made. Our team is now contacting customers exactly when they need proactive love rather than after they've asked for help, and our first copilot email has convinced a huge number of customers to turn on critical features with the click of one button.
  • Heather Hansen


    Our business is very complex with lots of products, and even in that scenario, Gainsight has proved to be a great tool to help our CSMs have a holistic view of their customers and track their interactions. I'm not sure there's a situation where I wouldn't recommend it. On top of that, the support team and our CSM truly treat us like their only customer.

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The Changing Role of IT: A Better Way to Model Your Organization Image

The Changing Role of IT: A Better Way to Model Your Organization

It wouldn’t be a blog about Information Technology without posting this clip from “The IT Crowd,” but those of us actually in the IT business know that this hasn’t been the role of IT teams in modern companies for years now. It’s still funny, though! The fact that IT has become a lot more than tech support is old news, but you might not realize how much and how quickly the role is still changing. Gainsight was a fast-growing company when I got hired on as the CIO—and it’s growing even faster now! But when I started, there had been no central applications management function—each department was taking care of their own needs for several years and had at least one person doing applications maintenance (sometimes full-time). While this addressed the immediate needs of each group, we were starting to see problems arise due to uncoordinated activities across applications. This is nothing new in the IT world. Even larger, highly established companies face these challenges in the new world of SaaS, especially those undergoing a digital transformation. Today, any employee, team or department can spin up their own applications. As a result, a major part of IT’s responsibilities today is to coordinate […]

7 min readDecember 13, 2018
Customer Success Blog Posts and Webinars You Can’t Live Without Image

Customer Success Blog Posts and Webinars You Can’t Live Without

It’s been quite a year but we’re on the home stretch, folks. Before you say, “thank u, next” to 2018, check out Gainsight’s top blog posts, webinars, and resources of 2018. Top 5 Customer Success Blog Posts of 2018 ‘CSM & Product’ Is the New ‘Sales & Marketing’ You can’t have a business without a product and you can’t maintain a customer base without Customer Success. Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, shares why it’s so important for Customer Success and Product to work together and how Gainsight’s acquisition of Aptrinsic, a product-led growth platform, will drive these initiatives. “In the Age of the Customer, CS teams have joined the ranks of Sales and Marketing in driving business growth by focusing on customer retention—more specifically, impact to net retention as a function of growth. However, for all of us who are building digital products and services, so many invaluable customer insights and personalized engagements are happening within the product itself.” Click here to read the blog. Gainsight Elements: The Science of Customer Success It’s not enough to be “nice” to your clients, you need to have the bravery to be prescriptive. Gainsight COO, Allison Pickens, explains why it’s so important that you […]

4 sharesDecember 10, 2018
How to Go From Glorified Support to True Customer Success Image

How to Go From Glorified Support to True Customer Success

It’s a tale as old as time—well, as old as, like, 2009 maybe. Customer Success was the new business buzzword, except it wasn’t a passing fad. It was starting to gain real traction in companies like Salesforce and Workday. And a lot of CEOs were realizing they needed to get proactive about ensuring their customers’ success with their products and started investing in Customer Success Management. But especially in high-touch scenarios, that investment would creep in the actual application away from proactive, data-enriched CSM into just another layer of reactive support. And please don’t take that as denigrating support! Every organization on the planet needs an effective system to respond to product issues as they arise. That’s never going to change. But that’s not the mission of Customer Success. But it is the reality of too many post-sales organizations. CSMs slowly and then all at once get trapped into putting out fires, and before long you have redundant support teams. I think that’s one reason why a lot of CS pilot programs never fulfill the transformation that true Customer Success promises. You can read a few more here. But if you already have a CS team that’s gotten trapped into […]

5 min readDecember 6, 2018
How to Structure Your Renewal Management Process Image

How to Structure Your Renewal Management Process

Thursday, 20 December | 11:00 a.m. GMT (3:00 a.m. PT) Why do we “do” Customer Success? Because successful customers renew. It’s the ultimate business goal behind the broader movement, but it’s also the one aspect of Customer Success that often has the least-developed process. But why? Why is the core economic driver behind Customer Success oftentimes not a systematised process like health scoring and journey mapping? Whether it’s tracking upcoming renewals, forecasting renewal likelihood, risk escalation, or coordinating with Sales and Account Management, you need a best practices process. Join Gainsight’s VP Customer Success, Operations, & Support, Ashvin Vaidyanathan, and Chief Sales Officer, Bryan Hamblin, as they outline the most effective renewal management process based on 500+ Customer Success implementations. This webinar is based on the number-one session from Pulse Europe, and is being broadcast on U.K. time. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Forecast renewals accurately Structure your renewal playbook Collaborate across functions And much more!

488 registered
4 Steps to Instantly Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy Image

4 Steps to Instantly Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy

If you’re not building a customer-centric culture, you’re probably going out of business. Your customers’ day-to-day experiences with your company and your product set the tone for their entire relationship with you. Do a good job and that relationship will be long and profitable for both sides. Do a poor job and there are plenty of competitors lining up to take your place. But great customer experiences don’t happen by accident, and they don’t happen at scale if you don’t have a company-wide culture built around ensuring those experiences—and above all, ensuring your customers’ desired outcomes. There are four concrete actions you can take to improve your CX strategy and create that culture. Don’t miss this webinar presented by Gainsight’s Director of Product Marketing, Ganesh Subramanian, and FullStory’s Head of Hugging, Jaclyn Spangler, in which they’ll go into detail on these four steps and how you can implement them on your team. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Prioritize CX metrics at the company level Choreograph the right customer-facing teams Bring the voice of the customer into key decisions And much more!

649 registered
How to Onboard at Scale Without Sacrificing Personal Touch Image

How to Onboard at Scale Without Sacrificing Personal Touch

If you want to make more money, you need to get more customers. It’s a simple fact. But all those new customers need to be onboarded well so they adopt, expand, and ultimately renew. And that means you need to scale. You won’t be able to onboard customers at a one-to-one ratio—at least not for long. But for many companies—especially ones with complicated or comprehensive products—that means accepting that your onboarding quality will suffer; the only question is how much. Don’t accept that! You can scale up your onboarding process without being forced to give up personal touch. Gainsight’s VP Aptrinsic Marketing, Travis Kaufman, as he walks you through a tested system for growing your onboarding capabilities while still engaging with customers in a way that feels personal to them. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Guide your users to “a-ha” moments in your product Create “release experiences” to introduce new features Re-engage users to complete critical tasks And much more!

7279 registered
The Essential Guide to Company-wide Customer Success Image

The Essential Guide to Company-wide Customer Success

Your customers are constantly interacting with your product and your employees. How are you synchronizing your efforts across all teams and touch points to maximize their chances of success? Learn how to drive Customer Success throughout your company You know your customer base is your best, most consistent engine of growth. But with so much complexity involved in orchestrating, executing, and scaling journeys for each segment across functions, you need a strategy. Learn the science of company-wide Customer Success. In this ebook, you’ll get actionable advice on: How to synthesize predictable outcomes and positive experiences How to grow revenue through three distinct lead vectors How to generate a holistic strategy that earns buy-in from Product, Sales, Services, Support, and more

Case Study: Multinational Software & IT Business Image

Case Study: Multinational Software & IT Business

Multinational Software & IT Business Gets Proactive in Risk Escalation, Improves Overall Health of Accounts The Multinational Software & IT Business featured in this case study is one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world. They help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of hybrid IT—from mainframe to mobile to cloud. They had no way to monitor customer health holistically and escalate high-priority risks to executives. Without a single source of customer data, it was impossible for them to flag risks based on a blend of objective data sources and qualitative identification by team members. In this case study, you’ll learn how Gainsight helped this Multinational Software & IT Business to: Save CSMs a tremendous amount of time by providing a single source of customer information Take a proactive approach to combating churn by giving executives and CSMs with visibility into at-risk accounts Create consistent processes with standardized Playbooks Leverage automated Calls to Action to stay informed of customer risks Better manage risk escalation

Case Study: Software & Advisory Services Provider Image

Case Study: Software & Advisory Services Provider

Software & Advisory Services Provider Revamps Customer Journey and Improves CSAT by 10% and Net Retention by 20% The company featured in this case study is a subsidiary of a large American multinational conglomerate and provides software and advisory services around operational technology and infrastructure. Their wide variety of offerings made it difficult to create consistent customer journeys that led both parties to succeed. When they carried out a customer-wide survey, they found out that customers felt like they were going the journey alone and were left wondering, “Do you care whether we’re successful or not?” In this case study, you’ll learn how Gainsight helped this company: Reduce at-risk accounts by 33% Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by 10% Raise Net Retention by 20% Revamp their customer journey to be more centered around client outcomes Build an adoption enablement process that made customers more confident in the product Establish customized engagement touchpoints Capture and execute on customer goals and drive adoption and risk processes