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The Periodic Table of CUstomer Success Elements

It takes more than technology to align your customer-facing teams around successful outcomes. It takes effective, tested processes. It takes Gainsight's prescriptive Customer Success Elements.

  • Howard Tarnoff


    We are all about Advocacy and providing Successful Customers with a podium and a microphone to tell their stories and with Gainsight we now have our fingers on the "PULSE" of our customers. We can ensure that customers get the right attention at the right time. Without Gainsight it was not possible to preemptively support customer health.
  • Greg McGlaughlin


    We recently became Gainsight customers and have had a tremendously positive experience with the company and with the system. The act of getting Gainsight up and running at our company has been so smooth and successful, it has greatly exceeded my expectations and serves as a model for how we should roll-out all of our programs.
  • Lauren Denault


    [Gainsight]'s been one of the best decisions we've made. Our team is now contacting customers exactly when they need proactive love rather than after they've asked for help, and our first copilot email has convinced a huge number of customers to turn on critical features with the click of one button.
  • Heather Hansen


    Our business is very complex with lots of products, and even in that scenario, Gainsight has proved to be a great tool to help our CSMs have a holistic view of their customers and track their interactions. I'm not sure there's a situation where I wouldn't recommend it. On top of that, the support team and our CSM truly treat us like their only customer.

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5 Takeaways From the 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success Image

5 Takeaways From the 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success

G2 Crowd just released their 2018 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success. Download the full report here to learn more about how vendors in this space stack up and how users truly feel about them. “What is the best Customer Success software?” This is the question we posed in last year’s blog post on the 2017 G2 Crowd Grid for Customer Success. In short, what’s most important is that you find the software that best fits your needs. This principle remains true, but in the brief time that the G2 Crowd for Customer Success has been around (two years to be exact), Customer Success software has made huge strides. You can tell just by comparing the two Grids—last year, there were only 10 companies, now that number has grown to 18. As your list of options grows, so does the difficulty to truly find the software that’s right for you. The 2018 G2 Crowd Report Grid to Customer Success is a valuable resource for anyone in the market for a Customer Success software solution. G2 Crowd is a peer-to-peer, business solutions review platform that gives customers a place to give feedback on the products they’re using. The G2 Crowd Grid to Customer Success […]

5 min readApril 23, 2018
Gainsight Essentials: A One-Click Configuration for Small CSM Teams Image

Gainsight Essentials: A One-Click Configuration for Small CSM Teams

I remember what it was like to be at Gainsight in the early days. We were around $1 million in annual recurring revenue. It was early—and it felt early. Our office was in a loft above a bar, which shared our address. Sometimes clients would show up at the bar, and the bartender would know to tell them, go around the corner, find the door next to the alley, and go up the back staircase. That’s where Gainsight was. But the team did wonders with the bare bones space that we had. There were our now “vintage” Sally and the Churnbot children’s books in the entryway that kind of served as a lobby, in case kids happened to stop by. There was a sleep nook that was separated from the printer by some streamers. We pushed our desks aside to have karaoke parties—which would ultimately become a cultural hallmark. Back then, a single thought ran through my head all day: How do I achieve more with less? How do we prioritize all these prospect accounts in our database without taking weeks to implement a lead scoring solution? How can our sales development team call 2x the number of prospects without […]

8 min readApril 10, 2018
Gainsight Elements: The Science of Customer Success Image

Gainsight Elements: The Science of Customer Success

Let me take you back to when I was 10 years old. Yup, I rocked those bangs. I was also super shy. I had an A+ average, but my teachers told my parents that I never participated. I was a great athlete, but I was nervous to go to soccer camp because it meant I’d have to meet new people. I had a tight circle of close friends, but even they sometimes wondered aloud what I was thinking about when I had that dream-like expression on the playground, since I didn’t typically share what was on my mind. I was generally anxious, and settled for being known as the “nice" person. But it didn’t feel good. I felt bottled up, untrue to myself. And that didn’t serve my friends or community. Things changed when my parents saw my fourth grade report card. All the scores were high except for “Participation.” Thinking that I had a lot more to contribute, my parents encouraged me to visit a new school, which happened to be an all-girls school. I came home from a day-long visit and sobbed. “Mom, the girls are so mean there!”“What happened?”“They are loud. They talk constantly. They’re scary.”“It sounds […]

1 sharesApril 10, 2018
How to Use the “Glassdoor for Software Reviews” to Make a Better Buying Decision Image

How to Use the “Glassdoor for Software Reviews” to Make a Better Buying Decision

April 26, 2018 @ 10 am (PT) / 1 pm (ET) There’s no way to downplay the stakes: if you’re a decision-maker for your company’s Customer Success software buying processes, you’re making one of the most consequential choices in your career. Platforms for managing ongoing customer relationships tend to shape processes and departments much more so than tools that solve more specific problems. They tend to be more expensive for that reason as well. You need to make a wise decision, and that means having all the information at your fingertips. A vital data source is user reviews—verified and honest, from people without a stake in the game. TechCrunch called G2 Crowd the “Glassdoor for Software Reviews” because it’s one of the largest sources for verified reviews from actual buyers and end-users. Join us as we go deep into the latest G2 Crowd Grid Report for Customer Success Software to understand: How the data is compiled and verified Why it’s accurate and insightful for software buyers What are the options for CS software How they rank against each other And much more Can’t attend live? Register anyway and you’ll receive the recording after the event.

77 registered
Customer Success Showcase: The Secret to Scaling Customer Success at Your Startup Image

Customer Success Showcase: The Secret to Scaling Customer Success at Your Startup

When you work at a startup, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day buzz of managing customers. But when small teams need to make a big impact, even the most thoughtful organizations can become inefficient. But with the right tools and business processes, efficiency and scale are achievable for startups without investing heavily in resources. Affinio leveraged Gainsight to consolidate customer information, automate repetitive emails, and took a proactive approach to customer lifecycle and risk management—leading to Affinio’s CSMs saving 12 hours each week and the company increasing NPS response rate by 16 percent. Find out how they did it. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Consolidate customer information

254 registered
Customer Success + Marketing: How to Team Up to Boost Advocacy Image

Customer Success + Marketing: How to Team Up to Boost Advocacy

Advocacy—it’s the secret sauce of successful companies. Customers create important social proof that accelerates deal cycles, generates demand, and fortifies your company’s brand. Advocates are more engaged, they renew at a greater rate, and they expand their footprints more predictably. But how do you earn that business capital from your customers? Advocacy isn’t an accident. You can operationalize processes to consistently convert successful customers into engaged advocates, creating meaningful gains in core metrics from NPS to CSAT to pipeline and expansion dollars and much more. In this webinar, you’ll get real-world cross-functional plays that will help you reach out to customers at key moments in the life cycle for advocacy actions like contributions to case studies, webinars, videos, online reviews, and other valuable assets. Join Howard Tarnoff (Founder & Managing Director of Customer Success LLC) and Carlos Gonzalez (Vice President of Customer Success Operations at Ceridian) as they reveal the advocacy playbooks they used to: Close deals faster and drive up margins Reduce burdens on Support through a thriving community Reduce time-to-value and increase “stickiness” Mobilize successful customers to advocacy actions And much more

2064 registered
G2 Crowd Grid for Customer Success (Spring 2018) Image

G2 Crowd Grid for Customer Success (Spring 2018)

We’re thrilled to announce that, for the second year in a row, G2 Crowd has recognized Gainsight as a Leader in their Grid Report for Customer Success. The Spring 2018 Customer Success Grid Report provides a unique analysis of Customer Success solutions that “represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst.” This robust piece of research material should be read by anyone evaluating a Customer Success solution. G2 Crowd’s scoring methodology blends data from user reviews and a vendor’s market presence, taking into account their social impact and market share, to generate the results for their Grid Report. Once scored, a vendor falls into one of four categories: Leader, High Performer, Contender, or Niche player. Gainsight is the only Customer Success platform to have earned the position of “Leader” since the Customer Success Grid’s inception in 2017. Along with the Grid, this report also includes in-depth product profiles for all 18 of the featured companies. Learn exactly how each company received their score, their highest and lowest-rated features, satisfaction ratings, and more. Download this report to get: The G2 Crowd Grid visual A deep dive into the methodology behind the scoring process […]

Gainsight for Healthcare IT Companies Datasheet Image

Gainsight for Healthcare IT Companies Datasheet

Gainsight helps Healthcare IT companies deliver outcomes for customers, providers, and patients. In the highly unique and rapidly evolving Healthcare IT marketplace, your key differentiator will be the outcomes you deliver for your customers. As the industry shifts toward value-based care, cost pressures mount, and competition intensifies, it’s no longer enough to just sell and implement your technology. Your customers expect you to deliver a seamless experience and demonstrate quantifiable value. Are you enabling superior patient outcomes, improved safety, and increased efficiency? Gainsight can help you drive and measure those results in a repeatable, sustainable way, creating a solid platform of revenue and a high ceiling for growth. In this datasheet, you’ll learn how Gainsight helps Healthcare IT companies: Capture customer signals Understand customer health Drive customer engagement And much more

Continuum Saves $5 Million in ARR Using Gainsight for Partner Success Image

Continuum Saves $5 Million in ARR Using Gainsight for Partner Success

“Before Gainsight, by the time we found out about a partner risk it was already too late. Now we can take a proactive approach to manage risk. It has saved us over $5 million in ARR since we implemented.” Continuum is an IT management platform that sells 100% through channel partners. Continuum’s partners are Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who provide IT & Security solutions to small and medium businesses around the world. The end-customers span a broad variety of business and industries, ranging from restaurants to boutique shops, doctors offices, libraries, and more. In this model, partners are the key lever for growing the business. Since contracts are not part of Continuum’s partner relationships, it’s critical to proactively manage the partner relationship and consistently deliver stellar results. By improving partner time-to-value, partner knowledge and training, and fostering partner success, Continuum is able to help their partners deliver Continuum products and solutions to the end-client more quickly. Download the case study to read the rest now.

1 min read