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Everything you need to turn your customers into your biggest growth engine

The Gainsight Customer Cloud brings together all the technology you need to ensure your customers easily adopt your products and achieve their desired outcomes with your company.

  • Customer Success

    Orchestrate the customer journey across every function and create clients for life by delivering great outcomes at scale.

  • Product Experience

    Combine deep SaaS product analytics with personalized in-app engagements to deliver exceptional user experiences.

  • Customer Experience

    Capture feedback, close the loop with respondents, and discover insights to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

  • Customer Data Platform

    An open platform that acts as a central hub for customer data systems and provides actionable insights to every employee to make better decisions in service of the customer.

  • Revenue Optimization

    Scale revenue growth through whitespace analysis, upsell and cross-sell playbooks, and streamlined renewals processes.

  • Heather Hansen


    Our business is very complex with lots of products, and even in that scenario, Gainsight has proved to be a great tool to help our CSMs have a holistic view of their customers and track their interactions. I'm not sure there's a situation where I wouldn't recommend it. On top of that, the support team and our CSM truly treat us like their only customer.
  • Greg McGlaughlin


    We recently became Gainsight customers and have had a tremendously positive experience with the company and with the system. The act of getting Gainsight up and running at our company has been so smooth and successful, it has greatly exceeded my expectations and serves as a model for how we should roll-out all of our programs.
  • Howard Tarnoff


    We are all about Advocacy and providing Successful Customers with a podium and a microphone to tell their stories and with Gainsight we now have our fingers on the "PULSE" of our customers. We can ensure that customers get the right attention at the right time. Without Gainsight it was not possible to preemptively support customer health.
  • Lauren Denault


    [Gainsight]'s been one of the best decisions we've made. Our team is now contacting customers exactly when they need proactive love rather than after they've asked for help, and our first copilot email has convinced a huge number of customers to turn on critical features with the click of one button.

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3 Lessons I Learned About Product-Led Growth [Interview] Image

3 Lessons I Learned About Product-Led Growth [Interview]

What is product-led growth, exactly? Travis Kaufman, VP of Product Growth at Gainsight, defines the buzzword and shares growth-boosting best practices. This Q&A is an excerpt from our webinar, Ask an Expert Q&A: How to Build Products That Drive Growth. You can listen to Travis and Gainsight’s VP of Product, Ciara Peter, share their expertise in full here. Long gone are the days when sales-led or marketing-led growth reigned supreme. Now, 80% of consumers prefer to do business with a company that offers personalization, making product experience intimacy vital to growth. Product-led growth uses this intimacy to drive user acquisition, expansion, and retention from the product itself. The result? A superior user experience. Let’s take a look at some tips to create your own product-led growth strategy. Catch Travis onstage at Product Marketing Summit in San Francisco where he’ll continue the discussion on product-led growth. Q: What qualities should a product team that is focused on driving growth possess? Travis: Historically, we would create enterprise software, enable our go-to-market team, and the product itself was treated like a good you would pick up off the shelf and hand to someone else to use. The challenge we faced was that we ended up with […]

2 sharesSeptember 13, 2019
5 Lessons I Learned From Superhuman’s Onboarding Image

5 Lessons I Learned From Superhuman’s Onboarding

You know those moments in life where you feel like you reached the “next level” in your evolution as a human? I remember all of them vividly—moments like: The day my (now) wife agreed to go out with me The day I got accepted to college The day I got into Bill Simmons’ Mailbag Perhaps not-exactly-at-the-same-level-but-close is the day an acquaintance said, “I can get you a Superhuman invite if you want one.” Is this meme still a thing? Superhuman, in case you aren’t as obsessed with Twitter as I am, is the uber-popular and exclusive paid email client that purports to radically improve email productivity. As someone who can’t sleep without “inbox zero” and who aspires to respond to people as quickly as I can, I have always been intrigued by new email startups. Unlike the fate of most past ventures to “fix email,” Superhuman seems to actually be working, as judged by its big funding round from Andreessen Horowitz. A big part of this is due to the amazing product experience from UI speed to keyboard shortcuts. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that in addition, part of Superhuman’s success is its unique approach to onboarding. Superhuman took […]

5 min readSeptember 12, 2019
How to Know If Your Product Instrumentation is Out of Date Image

How to Know If Your Product Instrumentation is Out of Date

If you’re using these old school methods, your product instrumentation is suffering. Today’s product teams have easy access to tools that help them track every user action (or lack thereof). I’ve worked in the world of tech and SaaS products for over 18 years and let me tell you, it wasn’t always that way. Automated product instrumentation is game-changing. I’m still in shock when I hear about the archaic processes people are using today. Manual logging. Querying your Dev team. Sacrificing the user experience for more data. (If your product analytics or engagement tool requires you to do any of these, that’s a red flag). In this article, I’ll give my perspective on the importance of automated product instrumentation and the shortcomings of older methods still in use today. Jump to a section. Why is Product Instrumentation Important? Outdated Product Instrumentation Methods The Benefits of Automated Product Instrumentation Do I Need Automated Product Instrumentation? Why is Product Instrumentation Important? Product instrumentation is the process of mapping out your product. If you’re planning to use a product analytics and product engagement solution, you’ll need to complete this process before you can actually use your solution. Product instrumentation requires you to create a model […]

7 min readSeptember 12, 2019
How To Budget For Customer Growth Image

How To Budget For Customer Growth

Thursday, September 26 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) We’re getting into budgeting season, which means it’s time to figure out the nuts and bolts of how you’re going to take your team from customer success to customer growth. As we learned in last year’s webinar, budgeting is about investing wisely. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much you get for your dollar. This year, we’re going to be looking closely at how CS teams can become a growth center in 2020 and beyond. To do that, we’ll be looking at some of the highest-leverage areas for growth, including professional development, CS Ops, top line and bottom line investment, and more. Get actionable budgeting strategies to help you: Identify the right top-line metric—GRR or NRR Get “bang for your buck” in operations investments Benchmark CS costs to improve your bottom-line numbers Quantify your professional development ROI And much more

1220 registered
How to Create a Unified Customer Journey From Prospect to Renewal Image

How to Create a Unified Customer Journey From Prospect to Renewal

Thursday, October 3 | 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET) For companies that rely on recurring revenue, finding, retaining, and growing your customers are typically top of mind. In fact, companies that relentlessly monitor their customer retention rate and engage with their customer through their journey have more visibility into the health of their overall business. In this webinar, Michael Redbord, General Manager of Service Hub at Hubspot, Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing at Smartbug, and Kellie Capote, Director of Enterprise Client Outcomes at Gainsight will share how you can be better equipped to create a unified customer journey, prevent churn and ultimately grow your customers by aligning on customer success, and engaging your customers throughout the customer journey. In this webinar you’ll learn: Trends around customer success. Why customer-centricity is a key growth driver. The key components around the customer journey. How to engage customers through the customer journey.

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Customer Success: The Revenue Team’s Secret Weapon Image

Customer Success: The Revenue Team’s Secret Weapon

In the early days of customer success, the movement was all about stopping churn. In a subscription business model, you can’t have your customers leaving every month or year—you need a way to put a stopper on it. Enter Customer Success Management. Meanwhile, the Sales function was iterating on the same playbooks it always had: growing revenue through new logos. But it’s since become clear that in order to win in the new economy, you need to be optimizing for revenue growth both through new logos as well as within your customer base. That means both Sales and Customer Success need new missions—and new strategies. Gainsight has teamed up with Altify to bring a new vision of revenue growth driven by strategies and playbooks you’ll learn about in this webinar. Join Bob Slaby, Chief Customer Officer at Altify, and Bryan Hamblin, Chief Sales Officer at Gainsight to gain insights and actionable tactics for how you can begin to transform customer success into customer growth at your company.

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The Essential Guide to Recurring Revenue Image

The Essential Guide to Recurring Revenue

Revenue. It’s the bottom line for any business. But in the new economy, it’s not enough to build a company on one-time transactions. Today’s customers demand successful outcomes and great experiences, and if you don’t provide them, the market is fluid enough to meet their needs when you can’t. But if the economy is operating under new rules, how are you supposed to grow your revenue through renewal, expansion, and beyond? This Essential Guide to Recurring Revenue is your all-in-one primer on how to understand modern recurring revenue relationships. It has detailed breakdowns on the different types of recurring revenue business models, all the metrics required to benchmark success, and best-practice strategies to compete and win in the subscription economy. In this ebook, you’ll learn: The underlying drivers of the recurring revenue economy. The most common challenges recurring revenue businesses face. Recurring revenue metrics and how to calculate them. The difference between lean and expensive revenue. Revenue operations tactics. What systems and processes you need to grow recurring revenue. And more!

Making the Switch to Gainsight Image

Making the Switch to Gainsight

How to Migrate From Another Customer Success Tool. As you focus on driving the growth of your business, you need to be confident that you’ve got the right technology in place to help you scale your operations as you grow – and this includes your customer success platform. In this ebook you’ll learn: Why Moving to Gainsight is a Smart Choice What to Consider as You Plan Your Move Commonly Asked Questions for Migrating How to Get Ramped Up and Running Quickly

The Essential Guide to Product Analytics Image

The Essential Guide to Product Analytics

A comprehensive guide for Product leaders. As a part of the product function, a huge weight lies on your shoulders. You’re tasked with creating the very thing that your business is marketing, selling, and relying on to give them a competitive advantage. On top of that, you’re responsible for driving adoption and usage, but you’re distanced from your users. And how exactly are your product investments impacting the business? Bridging these gaps requires data—an abundant but under-utilized resource. With the right data and product analytics tools at your disposal, you can make educated decisions, influence stakeholders, and enhance your team’s credibility within the company. This article will provide you with a solid understanding of what product analytics is, the importance of understanding data, and how to use your product insights in ways that will directly impact your company’s goals.