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How to Provide a High-Touch Product Experience While Social Distancing

With the global shift to remote work, our customers have experienced a 50% increase in Monthly Active Users. All of us are spending more time in our

March 30, 2020

Managing Churn During COVID-19: A Conversation with Bessemer

As SaaS leaders tackle the unexpected management implications of COVID-19, there has never been a better time to double down on retention

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5 Tips To Do More With Less In Customer Success During Covid-19

If you’ve been following customer success blogs recently, a lot has been said and written about how to communicate better and consistently in

March 31, 2020
  • Howard Tarnoff


    We are all about Advocacy and providing Successful Customers with a podium and a microphone to tell their stories and with Gainsight we now have our fingers on the "PULSE" of our customers. We can ensure that customers get the right attention at the right time. Without Gainsight it was not possible to preemptively support customer health.
  • Lauren Denault


    [Gainsight]'s been one of the best decisions we've made. Our team is now contacting customers exactly when they need proactive love rather than after they've asked for help, and our first copilot email has convinced a huge number of customers to turn on critical features with the click of one button.
  • Greg McGlaughlin


    We recently became Gainsight customers and have had a tremendously positive experience with the company and with the system. The act of getting Gainsight up and running at our company has been so smooth and successful, it has greatly exceeded my expectations and serves as a model for how we should roll-out all of our programs.
  • Heather Hansen


    Our business is very complex with lots of products, and even in that scenario, Gainsight has proved to be a great tool to help our CSMs have a holistic view of their customers and track their interactions. I'm not sure there's a situation where I wouldn't recommend it. On top of that, the support team and our CSM truly treat us like their only customer.

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I Took 1 Million Steps to Stay Positive Through Zoom Quarantine Image

I Took 1 Million Steps to Stay Positive Through Zoom Quarantine

Emmanuelle Skala is the SVP of Customer Success at Toast, and I respect the heck out of her. She recently posted about managing “Zoom fatigue,” which prompted me to share what I’ve done to cope with 2020. I’ll say upfront that I am super privileged. I have a job that allows me to work remotely and via technology. I live in a neighborhood where I can walk safely and comfortably (except recently given the smoke from the unfortunate fires). I’m the CEO, so I have more freedom than most. And I’ve been doing the job for a long time (almost eight years), so I’m very comfortable with my craft. All that said, I remember that first day vividly at home during the start of “shelter-in-Place.” For us, that was Thursday, March 12th. I went into that day thinking, “No travel. Now I can get so much done.” I remember my EA clearing out my calendar the night before. For a few hours, I had an empty calendar. A few days later: As I am apt to do, I entered quarantine with a bundle of energy. “I am going to crush this. I can do so many more meetings now.” I […]

3 min readSeptember 17, 2020
3 Common Customer Experience Mistakes and How CX Center Can Solve Them Image

3 Common Customer Experience Mistakes and How CX Center Can Solve Them

As the world around us continues to change, it’s more important than ever that we’re listening to our customers. Collecting customer feedback is a no-brainer—in fact, 95% of businesses today collect customer sentiment in one way or another. However, only 10% of those businesses actually act on the feedback they collect. That neglect leads to dissatisfied customers and, ultimately, churn.  In a time where we can’t afford to lose customers, we need to be diligent, leaving no feedback behind. Companies that succeed will do so by nurturing lifelong customers through an efficient and collaborative customer experience strategy. Introducing: CX Center for B2B Customer Feedback First things first, what do we mean when we say “customer experience strategy?” If you’ve read our Essential Guide to Voice of the Customer, this framework will look familiar: Listen: You’re listening to customers through direct feedback and broader usage signals from surveys, product usage data, and other channels. Act: You’re closing the loop by engaging with customers and proactively mitigating risk or creating advocates. Analyze: You’re distilling insights, assessing your impact on the overall experience, and creating loyal customers for life. CX Center is the convergence point for all of these customer experience activities. It […]

7 min readSeptember 14, 2020
Uplevel Renewal and Expansion Strategies with New Revenue Optimization Capabilities Image

Uplevel Renewal and Expansion Strategies with New Revenue Optimization Capabilities

Janet Jackson once asked, “What have you done for me lately?” Well, from Gainsight’s customer-centric perspective—a lot! We all know how essential it has become to protect and expand your customer base during the current economic downtown, as new logo sales become more challenging. In fact, in a recent survey Gainsight conducted, business leaders shared that two of the top areas they’re focused on improving during this time are risk management and retention forecasting. That’s why we’ve been hyper-focused on building out the capabilities that our Revenue Optimization products have to offer.  Get The Granularity You Need To Boost Retention  To improve your renewal forecasting and identify those accounts that are at-risk sooner, you need a centralized command center for your renewal and expansion book of business, which is precisely what Renewal Center provides. By overlaying rich CS insights on top of your sales data, it gives your teams a detailed and robust analysis of what’s happening with your renewal opportunities. One of Gainsight’s biggest differentiators is our platform’s ability to model your customers how your team views them for even greater visibility into your customer accounts. For example, by-products, business units, geographies, services projects, and more. This allows you […]

5 min readSeptember 14, 2020
Path to CPO Series: Shawna Wolverton, EVP of Product at Zendesk Image

Path to CPO Series: Shawna Wolverton, EVP of Product at Zendesk

Gainsight’s Path to Becoming a CPO webinar series will host Product leaders from leading SaaS companies in a candid discussion of their journey in product management. Episode 4 highlights Shawna Wolverton, EVP of Product at Zendesk.

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The Expansion Experts: How the GameChangers at Mitek Fuel Customer Growth Image

The Expansion Experts: How the GameChangers at Mitek Fuel Customer Growth

For many companies, expansion is a constant challenge — and a huge, untapped opportunity. Creating the strategy and aligning the technology is key. In this webinar, Mike Sasaki, VP of Support and Customer Success at Mitek, will share how they use Gainsight to identify customers for expansion and partner cross-functionally on account-based selling motions. You’ll walk away with best practices to maximize the opportunities in your customer base.

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Adobe’s Approach to In-Product Guidance: Key Learnings and Successes with PX & Audience Manager Image

Adobe’s Approach to In-Product Guidance: Key Learnings and Successes with PX & Audience Manager

Thursday, October 1st at 10 am PST It’s no secret that in-product messaging has become an important part of product strategy and customer success. Whether it’s a product notification, new feature release, onboarding engagement, or a feature activation play, all of these types of engagements help your customers become successful with your product. Watch two of Adobe’s PX experts, Jackie Chevallier and Conner Hatfield, walk you through how they developed an in-product strategy for Adobe Audience Manager alongside Gainsight’s PX Client Outcomes Director, Harshi Banka. You’ll walk away from this session with: Best practices for delivering in-product experiences How to measure success – key wins for Adobe Audience Manager with PX Lessons learned and recommendations to consider for your in-product strategy

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CX Center Datasheet Image

CX Center Datasheet

Understand and improve your B2B customer experience with CX Center The world we live and work in is rapidly shifting every day and it’s more important than ever that we’re finding innovative ways to collaborate and better listen to our customers. Only a small fraction of companies that collect feedback actually act on it, and it’s that neglect that leads to dissatisfied customers and churn. CX Center is built for B2B companies and is the hub for all of your customer experience activities. In this datasheet, you’ll learn how CX Center helps customer-focused companies: Align around a single source of CX data Identify what matters most to customers using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Enrich CX data by pulling in sentiment from multiple channels Prove your impact with board-worthy reports And more In a time where we cannot afford to lose customers, we need to be diligent, leaving no feedback behind. With CX Center, you’ll have the power to listen to, act on, and analyze customer feedback so you can nurture lifelong customers.

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Gainsight Configuration Wizard and Sightline Image

Gainsight Configuration Wizard and Sightline

Gainsight Configuration Wizard and Sightline Combine the power of our best in class customer success platform with the best practices of the world’s largest customer success community. What you’ll discover: How to get up and running with Gainsight in as little as three weeks Integrate your CRM platform, whether it is Salesforce, Hubspot or another leading solutions Guidance from the Gainsight services team which has over 50,000 hours of implementation experience Best practices from Gainsight and our 700+ customers And more!

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The Customer Success Economy – Now Available! Image

The Customer Success Economy – Now Available!

The Customer Success Economy builds on the success of Gainsight’s first volume, Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue, released in 2016. Just four years later, it’s become required reading for thousands of recurring revenue businesses around the world. And Customer Success has evolved into a philosophy and practice that is infused into every part of an organization. In this new book, Mehta and Pickens share how Customer Success is practiced at organizations across various industries. Download the first chapter for FREE today!

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