Here Are Just A Few of Our Successful Security Customers

Monitor your customers for signs of low adoption, sentiment, and other forms of risk

  • Collect product, feature adoption and usage data for your users
  • Analyze trends to understand what features and workflows drive
    customer retention, growth and satisfaction
  • Collect specific end-user feedback through surveys presented directly within your product

“I really couldn’t be happier with our selection. Gainsight has become a centerpiece of our Customer Success team and is integrated in an operational day-to-day level.”

Eric Foster

Head of Customer Success

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Alert your team to renewal threats and opportunities and enable them to take the right action at the right time

  • Centralize all customer data into a single 360-degree view
  • Monitor customer health and proactively identify critical risks and opportunities in your customer base
  • Prescribe human and digital interventions to address those risks and opportunities
  • Demonstrate how your team’s activities improve health and generate outcomes for your customers

Scale your TAM or CSM functions with automation

  • Deliver in-application engagements and walkthroughs that provide just-in-time learning, improve adoption of sticky features, and accelerate customer time-to-value
  • Orchestrate customer journeys at scale through personalized, digital engagements
  • Create a precise measure of customer health and prescribe actions for all accounts with improved visibility between product lines, even for the most complex customer relationships
Gainsight successfully helps security companies of many types, including:
Cloud Security
On-Prem Security
Hybrid Security
Application Security
Network Security
Internet of Things (IoT) Security
Endpoint Protection
Identity Management
How Commvault Transformed From Reactive Support To Proactive Customer Success Image

How Commvault Transformed From Reactive Support To Proactive Customer Success

The Key to Customer Success Was Transformational Leadership Just over a year ago, Commvault made the bold decision to alter its leadership approach significantly. They were dedicated to transforming their business with a new management team. But they didn’t stop with top-down change. They pushed for a revolution—organization-wide. There were new products, the first company acquisition in over 20 years, and a push for subscription customers.  Commvault had a healthy, better-than-average churn rate, and minimal cross-sell with virtually only one product, and an incredibly sticky one at that. One could argue that they just didn’t need customer success like other tech companies. Or did they? As Commvault transitioned into expanding its portfolio of products and transformed its licensing model to subscription, it became clear that customer success was essential.  Commvault has a proud history of being quick-moving even in the enterprise space, but still able to focus on their earliest customers. “Our development over the years has always been nimble and agile while putting the customer first,” said Lee Peterson, EMEA regional leader of customer success. “Now, we have evolved to exist in any space while not forgetting our roots. Commvault focuses on customers of all sizes because from the […]

7 min readJuly 20, 2020
Security Industry Insights: 5 Things We Learned From Security Executives At Our Virtual Campfire Image

Security Industry Insights: 5 Things We Learned From Security Executives At Our Virtual Campfire

A few weeks ago, Gainsight hosted an intimate virtual gathering of over a dozen Security executives, featuring two industry titans, Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Corey Thomas, CEO and Chairman of Rapid7, to discuss, “How Security Companies are Driving Growth from their Customer Base in a Downturn.” We took away from the conversation 5 key lessons that can help Security companies thrive during this time: 1. The Boardroom is paying increasing attention to security and compliance For customer-facing professionals in the Security industry, no longer is your audience just the CIO, Chief Security Officer or a team of security professionals. There are other important stakeholders including your Board’s audit committee.  According to Enrique Salem, the boardroom is paying much closer attention to what’s happening from a security and compliance perspective. They too need to understand your solution’s value and, more importantly, how it will help their businesses thrive.  This requires that your Customer-facing teams have thoughtful and persuasive conversations about how your solutions enable their business to be secure and SUCCESSFUL. It will not suffice to just talk about the latest feature or specific prevention-technology, for example. Alignment on mutually agreed success plans with customers can help […]

6 min readJune 9, 2020
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Ping Identity

Ping Identity Increases Its Renewal Risk Lead Time Using Gainsight, Paving the Way for Lower Churn and Higher Profits Founded in 2002, Ping Identity is on a mission to secure the digital world through Intelligent Identity. For some of the world’s largest brands, Ping helps prevent security breaches, increase employee and partner productivity, and provide personalized customer experiences. The company’s Customer success managers (CSMs) and customer success architects (CSAs) team up to help customers maximize their investments in the Ping Identity solutions they deploy. However, the Customer Success organization – particularly the part of the team focused on the 75% of Ping’s annual recurring revenue – was struggling to identify accounts at risk of churn in a timely manner. So the company called upon its existing Gainsight implementation to power its new risk identification program. Gainsight provided the advanced capabilities enabling Ping to: Largely automate the risk identification process Gain a stronger sense of potential churn risk Equip the Customer Success organization to identify more of the churn risk Read the case study to learn more about how Ping Identity paved the way for lower churn and higher profits.

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TruSTAR Enables Proactive Account Retention With Gainsight PX Founded in 2014, TruSTAR is an intelligence management platform that helps organizations organize and fuse their intelligence starting within. The company leverages multiple sources of threat intelligence and fuse it with historical event data to prioritize and enrich investigations. Built for security and fraud teams, TruSTAR uses machine learning and automation to operationalize data throughout an analyst’s workflow, freeing up time for higher-priority events. TruSTAR is the technology infrastructure that powers many of the U.S.’s largest ISACs and ISAOs, and has enterprise customers that span across Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Aerospace, and IT. Like every SaaS business, TruSTAR focuses on ensuring its users have an optimal experience of the platform so it can continually boost retention. Challenge To calculate adoption and retention, TruSTAR measured logins by directly querying its Postgres database. Seeing the inefficiencies in this process, it adopted Tableau. Even then, a TruSTAR data analyst had to write SQL queries to Tableau to deliver metrics to the Customer Success, Product and Marketing teams, creating a bottleneck in workflow. Knowing that long-term retention begins with product adoption and usage, TruSTAR wanted to make it easy for its teams to gain critical insights into […]

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SailPoint Evolves to a Strategic, Proactive Customer Success Approach Supported by Gainsight Founded in 2005, SailPoint is the leading provider of enterprise identity governance solutions and is led by a team of tenured identity veterans. The company helps customers to efficiently and securely govern the digital identities of employees, contractors, business partners, and other users, managing their constantly changing access rights to enterprise applications and data. SailPoint give customers the critical visibility they need into who currently has access to which resources, who should have access to those resources, and how that access is being used. From the start, SailPoint’s founding team understood the importance of helping its customers succeed. Customer success is a core component of the company’s culture, from CEO Mark McClain down to the rest of the organization. In his view, “our customers’ success breeds our success.” SailPoint’s Customer Success team, which includes a Customer Success Manager (CSM) for every SailPoint customer, is measured not by how much activity it generates, but by the impact of that activity on the company’s success. As Director of Customer Success for SailPoint’s on-premises software business unit, Loma Miller oversees 24 CSMs and a few administrators dispersed around the world. “We […]

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RiskIQ Achieves Net Retention over 100% by Scaling Customer Success and Operational Excellence with Gainsight “I really couldn’t be happier with our selection. Gainsight has become a centerpiece of our Customer Success team and is integrated in an operational day-to-day level.”– Eric Foster, Head of Customer Success, RiskIQ Company Overview RiskIQ, the External Threat Management company, enables organizations to expand their security programs outside the firewall, enabling incident responders to protect the enterprise from external threats. RiskIQ’s product continuously discovers, indexes, and monitors websites, mobile assets, and Internet systems from the outside in. Leading financial institutions, insurance providers, and consumer as well as B2B brands use RiskIQ to protect themselves and their users from external threats, malware, and fraud. RiskIQ is headquartered in San Francisco. RiskIQ has a Customer Success department that services a growing client base that includes primarily Fortune 500 companies, including the top banks, consumer technology companies, and social networks. Customer Success covers the entire post-sale customer relationship, including implementation, onboarding, account management, professional services, support, and integrations. RiskIQ’s Challenge When Eric Foster joined RiskIQ as the Head of Customer Success, his team was constantly in firefighting mode. At the time, the team was smaller and had […]

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