Understand Which Customers Are Ready for Upsell and Cross-sell

Increase revenue by taking advantage of customer expansion opportunities the moment they arise. Gainsight will help to ensure you’ll never leave money on the table by surfacing customers ripe for upsell and cross-sell based on health and other measures and providing systematic ways to execute on them to impact your bottom line.


CSM-sourced opportunities


increase in expansion close rates


Stop missing revenue opportunities.

  • Proactively identify opportunities in your customer accounts and trigger Calls-to-Action to drive the conversation
  • Accurately forecast upcoming renewals with Renewal Center using likelihood scores based on customer success insights
  • Unlock a new pipeline source with Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs) and showcase the impact of CS on revenue growth
  • Increase your customer’s awareness of new enhancements with targeted in-product engagements


Improve alignment and collaborate efficiently.

  • Keep your expansion teams aligned with a single view of the customer with C360 and provide visibility into recent activity by keeping cross-functional records of activities through Timeline
  • Create a cross-functional record of activities in Timeline to provide visibility into recent activity
  • Unite internal teams using Customer Goals and Success Plans to keep them aligned as they guide customers to achieve their desired outcomes and increase ROI
  • Collaborate with Sales and Marketing, and operationalize the flow of leads from Customer Success into the pipeline


Scale proven expansion plays with consistency.

  • Trigger automatic alerts paired with best-practice Playbooks so CSMs can quickly take action on expansion opportunities
  • Leverage adoption data to better explore expansion opportunities and target campaigns related to product usage trends
  • Automate important touchpoints in the customer journey with Journey Orchestrator

“We’ve seen double digit increases in renewal rates and expand rates, when we’ve applied customer success with Gainsight.”

Ed Daly

Senior Director of Global Customer Success

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