The Walkthroughs and Guides You Need to Drive Adoption

Gainsight PX’s user engagement capabilities enable you to quickly build beautiful, intuitive in-app guides, alerts, resource centers, and more. Combined with powerful analytics that allow you to target the right user segments and feature flows, PX is the complete solution you need to drive adoption of the features you build and release.

Engage And Onboard New Users

Help new users quickly realize value with resource guides and walkthroughs.

  • Introduce core features and workflows with combinations of dialogs, sliders, tooltips, and hotspots
  • Create Knowledge Center bots with customizable content like how-to articles or onboarding checklists
  • Reduce the need for users to engage customer support by focusing efforts on features or flows that generate the most friction
  • Fully personalize the onboarding experience based on account and user level attributes
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Activate Features At Scale

Guide users towards new or unused (but high value) features.

  • Alert users to new features the moment they are released and create walkthroughs to drive adoption
  • Identify and segment out users who aren’t fully utilizing a core feature and target them with personalized tips and guides
  • Limit the total number of engagements a given user sees with sophisticated usage and time-based throttling

Re-Engage Your Users

Engage and bring users back into your product across touchpoints.

  • Trigger email outreach check-ins to users who haven’t been in your application within a specific time period
  • Design and launch outreach plays that combine email, in-app messages, and human touchpoints as a way to keep track of and engage your users holistically
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See how Infobip drove an 8% increase in feature adoption using Gainsight PX in-app engagements.

Deliver the Outcomes Your Users Desire
Cross Channel Engagement
Trigger in-app and email engagements from a single flow
Multi-Page Guides
Create nuanced engagement flows that connect different parts of your product
Engagement Throttling
Automatically set engagement thresholds across products
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