Deliver a Personalized Product Experience

Behavior-driven personalized playbooks that increase product adoption, drive engagement, and help your users find value in your product features faster.

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A Smarter Way To Understand and Engage Your Users

Purpose-built for SaaS products, Gainsight's product experience software enables you to track every step of your user's journey and fully understand how they're interacting with your product over time.

Use those product insights to make meaningful engagements at scale by offering guidance, recommending additional products or asking for feedback at the exact moment users are most engaged—in or out of your product.

  • Analyze feature usage from every angle

    Every login, click, and email opened is information you can use to improve your user experience. See what users are doing in your product to surface important insights you might otherwise miss—all without any coding.

    • Instrument any user behavior in your product without coding.
    • Track more nuanced user behaviors with custom events, enabling you to analyze data across custom dimensions with global context.
    • Use custom attributes to add important context to user behaviors.
    • Discover which features drive retention and growth and visualize user activity to surface unexpected behaviors.
    • Identify where users fall off from completing critical tasks within your product.
    • Spot adoption trends across customer segments with the ability to slice and dice by user and account-level attributes.
    • Create custom analytics without query language.
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  • Translate product insight into action with in-app and email engagements.

    Deliver the kind of personalized product experience that earns you positive reviews, renewals, and referrals. Tailor in-app and email engagements to increase usage, drive adoption of high value features, reduce support tickets, drive upsells, make users feel heard, and foster loyalty—all within one tool.

    • Custom attributes along with data collected within Gainsight PX let you create rich segmentation based on almost any factor. Putting the right message in front of the right people has never been easier.
    • Reduce time-to-value by guiding users to adopt new features using hotspots, tooltips, sliders, guides, and pop-ups.
    • Send beautiful emails with just a few clicks to direct inactive users back to your product.
    • Measure the impact your engagements have on user and account retention, usage patterns, feature adoption, and conversion.
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  • Hear directly from users on what they like and dislike about your product.

    Understand what your users want and need from your product to create a better experience. Gainsight PX makes it easy for your customers to share their feedback with surveys that can be sent in-app or over email.

    • Save time with templates for commonly used surveys, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) and customer satisfaction
    • Easily create custom, multi-question surveys using yes/no, multiple choice, ratings and open-ended questions
    • Get more relevant product feedback by triggering in-app surveys after specific product usage requirements are met
    • Track and improve the product experience over time so the entire team can monitor changes
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  • Secure, Connected, and Scalable From Fast-Growth to Fortune 50

    A scalable, secure, and extensible platform providing you with the tools you need now and in the future. Gainsight PX offers no code instrumentation when you want it and code-level when you need it.

    • Enrich feature usage with global context or custom attributes to create custom reports that answer the toughest product usage questions.
    • GDPR, SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, FISMA, and PCI compliant with multiple independent security audits annually.
    • All application data collected by Gainsight PX is transmitted over SSL, encrypted to keep data private and secure.
    • HMAC validation and user level access controls.
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Leverage the power of data to ensure positive outcomes for every customer.

  • We’ve partnered with Gainsight as they’ve built their product experience platform knowing that an effective product growth strategy may start with product, but must ultimately support all customer-facing teams.

    Adrian Benić VP Product