The Most Customer-Centric User Analytics and Product Engagement Platform

Gainsight PX enables you to deeply understand what users are doing in your product, collect feedback, and create in-app engagements like walkthroughs and guides to drive onboarding and adoption.

Uncover Meaningful Insights

Understand exactly what users are doing with powerful analytics.

  • Visualize how cohorts of users naturally move through your product 
  • Identify key dropoff points or areas of low feature or module usage  
  • Determine which features correlate with high user satisfaction and long-term retention
  • Analyze adoption and retention by specific user segments or attributes
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Easily Engage With Users

Onboard and drive users to key features with in-product engagement.

  • Build in-app guides to walk users through product setup and introduce core features
  • Leverage guides, tooltips, and hotspots to activate usage of new or lesser-known features
  • Create highly personalized engagement experiences based on user characteristics such as role, geography, historical product behavior, and more
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Close The Loop On Feedback

Collect feedback in-app to pair feature usage data with user feelings.

  • Easily build and embed a variety of survey types within feature flows or after workflow completion
  • Leverage pre-built templates for commonly used survey types such as NPS or CES
  • Target surveys to specific user segments based on core attributes or past product behavior
  • Take action and improve overall user experience and account health by triggering automated or in-person follow-ups based on responses
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Learn how Gainsight PX revolutionized Bongo’s core team structure for onboarding, training, and adoption.

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Partner On Product-Led Growth

To drive product success you need more than just a tool – you need a strategy.

  • Start building instantly with access to a library of up-to-date content
  • Tactically drive onboarding, adoption, retention, and expansion via your product 
Deliver the Outcomes Your Users Desire
Native Mobile Capability
Track usage data and integrate analytics and engagements across both web-app and mobile
Automatic Instrumentation
Save time and engineering resources with instant product feature mapping that includes retroactive tracking
Codeless Creation
Design and deploy rich in-app engagements without developer resources
Native Email Integration
Trigger emails based on usage (or non-usage) natively within the application
Multiproduct Capability
Trigger notifications based on usage (or non-usage) natively within the application
Advanced Engagement
Sophisticated engagement toggling based on nuanced and historical user behavior
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