Delivering Time to Value is Faster than Ever

Everything you need to quickly solve retention and growth challenges.


40% of customers launched Gainsight in 2021 in under 10 weeks.

Experience Gainsight Like Never Before

An intuitive experience with the power to meet you where you are.

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Jumpstart your day in Gainsight with a command center designed specifically for CSMs. Gainsight Home allows your team to easily create a custom view of their customer portfolio, including their to-dos and the insights needed to maximize productivity.

Create automated, end-to-end customer journeys that allow you to drive personalized customer engagement at scale.

Fuel efficiency and enable your team to work quickly when risks or opportunities are identified with Playbooks that automate task management and drive the right actions in every scenario.

Easily activate your customer data and uncover the rich insights needed to power retention and growth with an all-new, intuitive analytics experience and expanded sharing options.

Get Started Faster with Agile Onboarding

Accelerated value with our streamlined, proven process and experienced team

  • Proven results with Gainsight customers reporting an Onboarding NPS score of 85 post-launch.
  • Go-live quickly through out-of-the-box solutions that maximize outcomes, then iterate with custom configurations to fit your unique needs to ensure long-term success.
  • Expert-led Services team with over a 1,000 implementations completed provides unparalleled best practices.
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Resources to Supercharge Your Strategy

Get started even faster with the out-of-the-box best practices and connectors available in Sightline

  • Fast-track connecting your customer stack with 50 + pre-built integrations in our ever-growing customer success ecosystem.
  • With just a few clicks you’ll be doing what the experts do – use our one-stop-shop for Gainsight templates, playbooks, and configurations, fueled by contributions from our 700+ customer community, to get started quickly and leverage proven best practices.

“Everything happened really fast. The Gainsight implementation team has it down to a science. They gave us the framework, the questions that we needed to answer and we were off.”

Jennifer Torres

Sr Dir. CS Business Operations

at Lumen

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