Don’t Let Churn Sneak Up On You Again

Change your retention strategy from reactive to proactive and gain customers for life. Gainsight will help you get ahead of churn by surfacing at-risk customers before it’s too late, mobilizing your entire team, and providing consistency so you can increase retention at scale.


increase in net retention rate


net retention rate achieved


Stop missing the signs.

  • Confidently manage and forecast renewals with all of your customer data conveniently located in Renewal Center
  • Leverage in-product data science to effectively determine the likelihood of a customer’s renewal
  • Maximize efficiency with Reports & Dashboards that keep your teams, processes, and systems aligned


Take proactive measures to address risk.

  • Reduce the time it takes to understand which customers are at-risk with automated Calls-to-Action in Cockpit
  • Arm your CSMs with best-practice Playbooks to make renewals more efficient and consistent across your teams
  • Ensure your team has visibility into customer risks with a historical view of activities in Timeline


Drive retention at scale.

  • Mitigate risks at scale without needing extra headcount with automated programs in Journey Orchestrator
  • Deliver more value and increase product stickiness with targeted In-App Engagements directing customers to new, useful features and enhancements
  • Create cross-functional alignment for teams like Customer Success, Sales, Support, and even executives to stay focused on customer risk

“We’re able to monitor significant portions of the entire health of our business. I literally use it as flight controls for not only the customer success organization but as a member of the executive team where we can make strategic decisions about what we see in Gainsight.”

Eric Foster

Head of Customer Success

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