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Switch To Gainsight Essentials Gives commercetools An Efficiency Boost

At commercetools, the previous customer success tool was limited in automation, lifecycle customization, and reporting. Switching to Gainsight Essentials not only met their current needs,…

How the Combination of CS, PX and CE Is Empowering Harri’s Teams and Customers

Harri’s shift to Gainsight has powered an outcomes-based approach that not only increases efficiency and product adoption, but also helps them achieve business goals.

How Swoogo’s Revenue Operations Team Boosted GRR 7 Points and Increased Customer Health 15% with Gainsight

Swoogo used Gainsight Customer Success to improve visibility into customer health, reduce churn, and increase revenue, while simultaneously helping their account managers scale to handle…

Front Empowers Customers Through Digital Self-Service for Success

In an effort to scale its growing business effectively, Front has harnessed the potential of digital scale to empower its customers with self-service capabilities and…

Customer Communities Customer Education Scale and Efficiency

How Zapier Uses Gainsight Customer Communities to Keep 2.2 Million Businesses Engaged

Gainsight Customer Communities provides the Zapier Community with scalability and design tools that deliver self-service answers—and value—to their enormous customer base.

scalability and design tools

Lytho Transforms Advocacy into a Consistent Revenue Generator Using Gainsight

Lytho used Gainsight to standardize and optimize their advocacy strategy, implementing a data-driven approach that nurtured advocates and deployed them more effectively to drive business…

Seeq Delivers Human-First Customer Success Model and Saves $100K Annually

Seeq leveraged Gainsight CS to create cohesive, efficient CS programs that result in high-value customer engagement.

Scale and Efficiency

Alteryx Customer Success Finds Digital Scale and Efficiency

With Digital Customer Success strategies and tools, Alteryx supplemented human-led efforts to scale efficiently and improve retention.

Scale and Efficiency

Synack Builds Powerful Collaboration Around the Customer Experience

With the help of Gainsight, Synack was able to gain increased visibility into customer information and transform it into actionable insights that would help them…

Improve customer retention Improve user experience

AutoRek Rapidly Transforms Their Customer Success Engagement Model

Gainsight Essentials provided AutoRek with efficiency-driving tools like Dashboards, CTAs, Playbooks, and Scorecards to achieve time savings and improve collaboration.

Gainsight Essentials Scale and Efficiency

How Sonos Used Gainsight Customer Communities to Fine-Tune Their Online Community and Build a Resonant Customer Experience

Powered by Gainsight tools, the Sonos community provides an all-in-one destination for self-service and user engagement, delivering a superior customer experience.

Product Adoption

Arbor Education Boosts Engagement 1300% with Digital CS

Arbor Education shifted to a Digital Customer Success strategy powered by the automation of Gainsight CS combined with the data-driven insights and in-app engagements of…

Product Adoption Scale and Efficiency

GoTo Deploys Pooled CSM Model to Deliver Personalized Customer Success at Scale

GoTo used Gainsight CS’ automated CTA workflows and email campaigns to effectively serve thousands of customers with just eight CSMs.

Scale and Efficiency

LeanIX Drives Expansion in a Multi-Product Ecosystem

LeanIX used Gainsight to manage their multi-product offering, tracking customer health within complex relationships to drive cross-sell expansion.

Customer Expansion Customer Retention

Currencycloud Takes Control of the Customer Experience

Using Gainsight customer success tools, Currencycloud deployed better metrics that gave them visibility into the customer journey, unlocked efficiencies that helped their Customer Success team…

Customer Retention Scale and Efficiency

Cloudinary Goes from One Size Fits All To Tailored Customer Journeys

With a customer base spanning across multiple industries, the media experience company was looking to tailor its customer journeys for different customer needs.

Customer Retention Scale and Efficiency

Upland Doubles Revenue Through More Flexible Training with Gainsight

Upland was looking for a LMS solution that would allow its customers to learn when it was best for their schedules. Since implementing Gainsight, they…

Customer Expansion Scale & Efficiency

SPS Commerce Improves the Learning Experience and Boosts Customer Retention by 30%

SPS Commerce simplifies the retail process by providing cloud-based supply chain software services for suppliers, retailers, third-party logistics providers, and partners. SPS needed a robust…

Customer Retention

Studytube Saves Time and Money With Increased Customer Visibility Through Gainsight Essentials

Studytube was looking for a more robust CS solution. After using Planhat for four years, the team realized it needed a tool that could provide…

Customer Retention Gainsight Essentials Scale & Efficiency

SupportLogic Turns its Insights Into Action with Gainsight Essentials

Before Gainsight, SupportLogic had various tools and sheets to keep track of its customers. The goal was to consolidate all of its data into one…

Customer Expansion Gainsight Essentials

Sana Benefits Increases Its Book of Business without Sacrificing Customer Experience

Sana Benefits was looking for a CS solution that would help them automate tasks, add visibility, and make sure its data was secure. Gainsight Essentials…

Glean Seamlessly Transitions From Spreadsheet to CS Solution with Gainsight

Prior to having Gainsight, Glean’s CS Team tried managing everything through one master excel sheet. Lauren Kennedy, Head of CS at Glean made sure to…

Customer Retention Gainsight Essentials Scale & Efficiency

Olive Finds Process and Structure with Gainsight Essentials

Casey Baldin was a one-woman team at Olive. With the guidance of Gainsight, she was able to create processes and structures with the help of…

Customer Retention Gainsight Essentials

6sense Adds Visibility and Consistency to Its Customer Experience with Gainsight Essentials

When 6sense outgrew its old CS solution, they turned to Gainsight for a more robust offering. Gainsight Essentials provided the blueprint for 6sense to maximize…

Customer Retention Gainsight Essentials

Miro Scales Its Digital Efforts Through Gainsight CS

Online workspace company, Miro wanted to launch its Digital CS motion. Using Gainsight CS, they were able to move from a high-touch model to building…

Customer Retention Scale & Efficiency

How Gainsight Helped ADP Paint a Full Picture of Its Customers and Extend Their Reach

ADP struggled to get a single-thread view of a client. With Gainsight, they gained extra visibility into the customer relationship.

Customer Retention Scale & Efficiency

Dealerware Turbocharges Customer Success with Gainsight CS + PX for Rapid Scalability

Dealerware, a fleet management innovator, leverages Gainsight CS + PX to efficiently scale its Customer Success efforts, streamline onboarding, gather product usage data, and foster…

Scale & Efficiency

Benchling Adopts a Digital Customer Success Approach, Powered by Gainsight CS + PX

Benchling R&D Cloud needed a way to scale with its growing customer base. Benchling upgraded its capabilities with Gainsight CS and PX. With Gainsight, they…

Scale & Efficiency

Mavenlink Masters Product-Market Fit with Gainsight PX and CS Data Insights

Mavenlink, a leader in professional services SaaS, leveraged Gainsight PX and CS to develop data-driven frameworks, tracking adoption, addiction, and attitude metrics, ultimately boosting client…

Customer Retention Product Adoption

Learnship Leverages Gainsight CS and PX to Create a Digital Customer Success Strategy, Fueling Adoption at Scale Among Their Huge User Base

Learnship used Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX to implement a Digital Customer Success strategy that aligned the organization around a single source of truth, efficiently…

Scale & Efficiency

Drift Leverages the Gainsight Platform to Catalyze a Value-Generating Digital Customer Success Strategy

Using Gainsight CS, PX, and Digital Hub, Drift executed a comprehensive Digital Customer Success strategy that drove holistic value for customers.

Software AG Launches Digital Customer Success with Gainsight’s Customer Success and Product Experience Solutions

Software AG’s TrendMiner product used Gainsight CS and PX to build a Digital Customer Success (CS) model to deliver human-first experiences at scale.

Product Adoption Scale & Efficiency

Bringing People and Process Together: Product Mapping with Gainsight PX

Acquia, the open digital experience company, empowers enterprises to create world-class digital customer experiences. Acquia turned to Gainsight PX to capture deep insights into user…

Product Adoption

Yotpo Launches Customer-First Community in Six Weeks with Gainsight

eCommerce retention marketing platform Yotpo leveraged Gainsight to create a brand new customer community, and drive engagement by employing a dedicated content strategy that utilizes…

Scale & Efficiency

Health Current Security Training Decreased Incidents of Malware and Phishing from 80% to 10%

Health Current, Arizona’s premier health information exchange (HIE), gives healthcare providers (HCPs) the information they need to make better clinical decisions and keep people healthy.…

Scale & Efficiency

AgriWebb Increases Adoption of its Livestock Enterprise Management Solution

AgriWebb’s mission is simple to make ranch management easier and to help farmers reach their livestock business goals. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in-person training,…

Product Adoption

Gainsight Helps Bonfire Scale its Academy

Bonfire empowers government procurement teams to unlock their potential, maintain compliance, shorten evaluation times, improve transparency and reduce strain on internal times. They were looking…

Scale & Efficiency

MMIT Uses Gainsight PX to Mitigate Churn

MMIT, a trusted solution in the healthcare industry, offers a wide range of products for their customers but struggled to gather the necessary data to…

Scale & Efficiency

Infobip Gains New Insights into Product Usage and Drives 8% Increase in Feature Adoption With Gainsight

Infobip, a global cloud communications company has long taken pride in being customer-centric. However, its product development team was hampered in gaining a deep understanding…

Product Adoption

How Personio Created a Self-Service Customer Culture

Personio was looking to implement a digital approach to help customers get the answers they wanted. With inSided by Gainsight’s community tool, they were able…

Digital Customer Success Scale & Efficiency

How Cognite transformed its community into a key channel for its high-touch strategy

We spoke to Alex Farmer, VP of Customer Success, and Anita Hæhre, Customer Community Director at Cognite, about using the community as a key channel…

Scale & Efficiency

How Gong Uses Community to Fuel ARR and Customer Retention

Gong’s active community enabled knowledge sharing at scale and improved customer retention, product stickiness, and ARR.

Customer Expansion Customer Retention

How Docebo Community Hit 96% P2P Support In Less Than a Year

With a customer community hub, Docebo was able to implement a robust Digital Customer Success strategy that improved customer engagement, expanded its learning culture, and…

Digital Customer Success Scale & Efficiency

NAVEX Increases NPS Responses 500% with Digital Customer Success Strategies Powered by Gainsight

NAVEX used Gainsight CS to implement a Digital Customer Success strategy that enabled CSMs to efficiently improve customer engagements at scale.

Customer Retention Digital Customer Success

Sitecore Conquers the Cloud with Help from Gainsight

As digital experience software company Sitecore launched its SaaS solution, they used Gainsight to gather data and analytics while automating their customer success efforts.

Scale & Efficiency

How ReviewPro Used Gainsight to Boost Engagement and Slash Churn

Hospitality technology leader, ReviewPro, partnered with Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX to transform their customer success approach. This shift led to remarkable results, including a…

Customer Expansion Product Adoption

Glassdoor Rounds Out its Customer Success Organization with a Pooled CSM Model Using Gainsight

Like many growing businesses, Glassdoor has evolved its Customer Success organization over time. Rapid growth meant the company was gaining more customers than its Customer…

Scale & Efficiency

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