Build a Unique Customer Community to Scale Engagement

Gainsight Customer Communities gives you everything to drive greater customer engagement, harness product feedback, and enable more customer self-service.


Community helps identify brand advocates and drives durable growth.

Now it’s easy to turn every customer into a brand ambassador by engaging them with segmented groups, ongoing feedback loops, best practices & knowledge sharing and events.


Easily Customize And Manage Your Own Branded Customer Community

  • Match your brand without any coding or development required.
  • Drive user journeys through contextual personalization.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other common SaaS solutions like Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, Intercom, and Miro.
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration with moderation capabilities that are ready for the biggest teams.
  • Track content helpfulness, community activity, peer-to-peer engagement, gamification, and feedback through success dashboards.


Enable Self-Service and Peer-to-Peer Support at Scale

  • Provide a centralized community destination for all your company and user-generated resources to make it easy for users to find answers and self-serve.
  • Integrate your tech stack and leverage federated search to simplify how users discover content from other systems directly in your community.
  • Surface your help and community resources directly in your product with our in-app embeddables to provide assistance where your users are already working.


Make Customer-Backed Product Decisions

  • Collect product feedback from your users and share it with internal stakeholders, other customers, or tie it into your CRM for deeper insights.
  • Encourage your customers to submit and vote on product ideas and provide real-time updates on the status of their ideas.
  • Keep customers directly informed of product updates, enhancements, and the roadmap.


Align Your Company Around One Single View Of The Customer

  • Connect your community data with Gainsight Customer Success for a 360º view of customer health, add community-driven health-scoring and measure your digital engagement strategies.
  • Gainsight Product Experiences + Customer Communities gives you a full picture of how customers are using and talking about your product to help understand product usage and trends usage.
  • Unlock the full power of Gainsight by combining Customer Success, Product Experiences, Customer Communities, and Customer Education to drive a long-term, durable growth strategy that reduces churn, improves net revenue retention, increases feature adoption, and withstands changes in the market.

We needed a community platform that helped facilitate conversations, educated, and provided outstanding analytics. Luckily, Customer Communities checked all of our boxes!

Katie Ray
Head of Community at Clari

Discover the community platform that keeps your customers coming back for more.