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The LMS for Customer Education

Discover the LMS that enables you to scale customer training and education, and give your customers the on-demand learning experiences they expect.

Quantify the Impact of Digital Customer Education

Find out how much time and money you could be saving with digital customer education.

It’s no secret that digital customer education saves companies time and money. But what does that really mean for you? Use our calculator to see just how much you can be saving with digital customer education today.

Customer Education Return on Investment calculator

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Course Creation

Create content so engaging your customers will want more

  • Use built-in course authoring to create engaging courses optimized for all devices
  • Empower learners with custom certificates that uplevel product knowledge and careers
  • Make course administration a breeze with centralized content for easy course building

Academy Branding & Customization

Build the Academy you’ve always dreamed of

  • Create a seamless customer experience by matching your academy to brand standards, no design or development resources required
  • Dive deeper into customization with templates and developer options to build an academy as unique as your business
  • Deliver personalized learning to specific user roles to surface the most relevant content

Delivery & Learner Engagement

Pave the path to success for every learner

  • Group learners by common parameters to deliver courses most relevant to them
  • Motivate learners and increase proficiency with learning paths on specific topics and product features
  • Increase academy engagement with personalized messages via our communications engine

Analytics & Administration

Dive into data and drive better learning outcomes

  • Track and measure learning’s impact on key customer outcomes
  • Integrate learning data seamlessly with your existing tools via enterprise-grade data sharing, and align analysis with business goals
  • Use learning data to evaluate engagement and continuously optimize your training program

Embed Education in CS Motions

Create new efficiencies for customer-facing teams

  • Automate 1:1 trainings with learning paths and free your CSMs to focus on strategy and customer relationships
  • Reduce onsite training expenses with digital training that’s accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Sync learning data to inform customer health, product adoption, and engagement

Customer Education Resource Hub

New to the world of Digital Customer Education? Trying to elevate your existing program? Check out our Customer Education Resource Hub where you can find curated resources, proven best practices and tips from industry experts.

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