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Why Digital Customer Education?

Because your customers crave convenient & just-in-time learning.

67% of people

prefer self-serve support over direct human support.

80% of people

say convenience and knowledgable help are the most important part of the customer experience.

And, It Works.

Educated customers are 70% more likely to use a product.

Training results in a 15% higher NPS and 25% or more increase in renewals.

Educated customers are 90% more likely to work independently.

Making the Business Case Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Customer education has become a core strategy to customer success, but not everyone has realized its transformative potential yet.

Our Business Case for Digital Customer Education uncovers the compelling reasons why this strategy is a game-changer for businesses and how it can revolutionize yours too.

Getting Started with Digital Customer Education is Easy

Watch the bootcamp! We've assembled a team of leading industry experts to bring you the most effective strategies, frameworks and best practices so you can learn the ropes and lay the foundation for a successful program.

The Captain’s Chair

How to Select the Right Leader for Your Digital Customer Education Team

Mapping Success in Digital Education

Understand Your Customers & Set Realistic Goals

Captivate & Educate

Design and Build Impactful Courses for Your Customers

Navigating the LMS Market

A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Match

Captivate and Cultivate

How to Market Your Academy and Implement Learning into Your Customers’ Lives

Metrics that Matter

Mastering Measurement for Digital Training Success

Quantify the Impact of Digital Customer Education

Find out how much time and money you could be saving with digital customer education.

Use our calculator to see just how much you can be saving with digital customer education today.

Customer Education Return on Investment calculator

Front Increased Product Adoption by 20%

SPS Commerce Boosted Retention by 30%

Bonfire Saved CSM 2,000 Hours in 1:1 Training

Demo Customer Education Now

Experience the Better Way to Train Your Customers