Digital Hub

Meet the Community Platform Customers Love

Create a single destination for your customers to connect, share best practices, provide feedback, and build a stronger relationship with your product.


Create One Central Hub For All Customer Needs.

Bring your self-serve resources and product best practices together in a single location to create powerful, personalized customer experiences that drive adoption, retention, and engagement.


Take customer engagement to the next level with a lively community built to connect B2B users, share helpful tips, and get inspired.
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Knowledge Base

Transform your traditional support portal into a frictionless self-service experience powered by your help content and user-generated content.
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Product Feedback & Ideation

Build a more customer-centric product by centralizing all your customer feedback, collecting product ideas, and sharing insights with your team.
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Product Communication

Keep customers informed and updated about new product developments, releases and updates to your roadmap.
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In-App Embedabbles

Give customers easy access to all relevant knowledge, updates, and best practices by offering highly contextual content right inside your product.
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Groups & Events

Foster more meaningful relationships by creating interest-based user groups and promoting customer events.
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Robust Community Insights That Demonstrate ROI

Track community activity and watch as your community gives you real-time insights into product satisfaction, self-service resolution, engagement, and more! Connect community data to your Gainsight CS for a complete 360° view of customer health.


Create Unparalleled Customer Experiences with Powerful Integrations

Simplify how customers find answers by integrating your tech stack and leveraging federated search to create a centralized place for all customer resources making it easy to find content from other systems directly in your hub.

Take a look at any community built on Digital Hub, and you’ll immediately recognize that the platform is built with the end-user in mind. The layout is clean and intuitive, and we hear from members all the time that our community is simply a joy to use.

Adam Ballhausen
Director of Customer Education at Docebo

Discover the community platform that keeps your customers coming back for more.