Deliver Success for Your Customers and Growth for Your Business

Your customers are your greatest assets. Gainsight helps you keep them happy, healthy, and flourishing, ensuring you never miss another churn risk, expansion opportunity, and everything in between.

Get the rich insights you need.

  • Centralize all of your customer data into a single, 360-degree view
  • Quickly identify critical risks and opportunities in your customer base
  • Demonstrate how your team’s activities translate into customer impact

Streamline and optimize your efforts with customers.

  • Focus your time on the right tasks with data-driven alerts and prioritization
  • Leverage step-by-step guidance to drive consistency and incorporate best practices into key processes
  • Log and access notes on every customer interaction from anywhere

Deliver personalized customer engagement at scale.

  • Act on data-driven Calls-to-Action triggered by customer behavior
  • End inefficient workflows with best practice Playbooks
  • Standardize touchpoints at scale with automated customer outreach

“When you are scaling to thousands of customers, you need to have a good sense of what’s going on with your customers. We let Gainsight manage a lot of that work for us.”

Jeffrey Coleman

Director of Customer Success

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