Nearly every forward-thinking company has now realized Digital CS is valuable for everyone:

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Any-sized customers who want a self-service experience

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Customers who have worked with you for a long time and don’t need another Quarterly Business Review

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Routine tasks where a digital engagement can save the CSM and the client time and effort

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Reaching stakeholders who would never engage in a high-touch fashion

“We hit an inflection point, We were running into inefficiencies, and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) didn’t have a CS tool that they could use effectively. We were using a combination of tools, including CRM data, spreadsheets, and a business intelligence (BI) tool—it was time to optimize.”

Sonam Dabholkar
Director of Customer Success Operations

“We already didn’t have enough headcount to conduct one-to-one meetings with every paying customer. And we also didn’t have the budget to hire an army of customer success people.”

Helen Yildiz
Director of Customer Success

“When we took a look at the growth of Personio and all of the service questions that customers had, we had to do something automated or easier where customers could learn from each other. We would have to hire 200 service managers because we weren’t able to take all those requests from the users.”

Selina Hüttner
Senior Community Manager

Elevate Experiences. Scale Teams. Digital Is the Key.

Digital Customer Success is a blend of human and digital touch points that support the customer journey. From self-service resources and automated engagements to pooled CSM models and predictive modeling, digital can turn your teams into retention, adoption, and expansion machines.

Illustration showing human and digital touch points along the journey from adoption to on-boarding to value-realization

Gainsight Simplifies Digital Customer Success

Chances are you’re struggling with Digital Customer Success because your cobbled-together tech stack is getting in the way.

This leads to:

  • Repetitive workflows handled by multiple teams concurrently, resulting in inefficiencies and unscalable headcount.
  • A disjointed experience that can result in surprise churn, missing ROI, and low product adoption.
  • Decreases in Net Revenue Retention that impact your bottom line.

There’s a better way.

Illustration showing that customer success simplifies onboarding, product feedback, product usage, self service, and more

Deliver the Experience Your Customers Expect, Faster Than Ever Before.

Delivered from one unified platform, Gainsight offers a complete, end-to-end solution that supports your digital motions and strategies regardless of your company size and need.

Graphic showing the Gainsight platform, comprised of analytical AI, generative AI, data unification, and integrations
Get Started With Customer Communities

Leverage the Experience of the Industry's First DCS Advisory Board

Jordan Barker
Senior Director, Success @ Scale, Alteryx
Alexandra Roza
Group VP, Global CX Strategy & Success, Workday
Carsten Schütz
Vice President CS, EMEA/APAC, LeanIX
Dan Ahrens
Group Manager, CS Ops and Digital Scale, Atlassian
Laura Beaulieu
Program Manager, Digital CS, Imperva
Nisha Baxi
Head of Community/ Digital CS,
Ben Brownlee
Vice President CS & Head of CX,
Erin Bellomo
AVP, Enablement & Experience, Inovalon
Pam Martin
Director, Digital CS, PointClickCare
Kristin Carrico
Chief Customer Experience Officer, MindBody
Chelsea Leavitt
Senior Manager, Customer Ops, Drift
Sarah Hums
Senior Director, CS @ Scale, Klaviyo
Danny Cruz
Head of CS Programs, Product Let Growth, Calendly
Melissa Terrell
Executive Vice President Operations, Dealerware
Fred Muller
Vice President, Global CS, Avid
Kelly Bray
VP, Product Led Success & Account Management, MongoDB
Melissa Allen
Senior Manager, CS Ops, Okta
Kari Ardalan
Global Head of Digital & Scale Success, Qualtrics
Carolyn Zettel
Senior Global Program Manager, SAP Concur
Nicolas Anderson
Senior VP, Customer Success, ServiceTitan

The Path to Digital Customer Success

Whether you’re just beginning the digital journey with a small team or truly operating in a digital-first approach, you’re not alone. Our research of hundreds of companies reveals three distinct stages of Digital Customer Success maturity. Which are you?

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In the proactive stage, companies begin using technology that aligns the business around a single source of truth for customer data. Businesses in this stage are saving time for Customer Success Managers (CSMs), increasing the value delivered to customers, leading to higher Net Revenue Retention (NRR) for the company

Common Tactics In This Stage:

  • Unify customer resources (knowledge base, training) under one searchable destination
  • Launch a community to increase best practices sharing, peer-to-peer support
  • In-app guides to improve onboarding

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In the personalized stage, teams craft distinct user journeys automated by data. Organizations orchestrate different adoption journeys by role. They also start to engage large user groups and Community cohorts with one-to-many programs.

Common Tactics In This Stage:

  • Pooled Customer Success Programs scale CSM coverage
  • Automated Email Programs Triggered by Data-driven Insights
  • Usage-driven In-app Guides, Surveys, and Product Qualified Leads (PQLs)

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In the predictive stage, organizations are able to provide a single digital destination to seamlessly connect customers with Community, Product, and customer-facing teams. Customer experiences are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and omnichannel technology to drive outcomes for both customers and the business.

Common Tactics In This Stage:

  • Multi-Channel Journey Orchestration (e.g. in-app and email in one journey)
  • AI and Analytics
  • Automated Renewal Process

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Webinar Series

Learn from the masters in our Michelin-starred series on Digital Customer Success

Digital Customer Success is like any good recipe; it’s a blend of ingredients combined with a human touch to create an incredible sensory experience!

Join us in the digital kitchen and we’ll go through the basics and beyond, so you too can be an expert in DCS.

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