Partner with Gainsight

Gainsight believes in the power of partnerships to drive innovation, customer success, and growth. By collaborating with industry leaders, we can create exceptional experiences for our customers and achieve mutual success.

Technology and ISV Partners

Interested in building onto the Gainsight Platform? Apply to the Technology and ISV Partner Program to get everything you’ll need to develop, test, and quickly launch your solution.  Gain access to our vast network of potential customers and enjoy enhanced visibility in the Customer Success ecosystem through co-selling and joint marketing programs.

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Consulting & System Integrator

Apply your expertise through consulting and implementation services to further the value organization’s receive from their Gainsight instance. Work directly with our team for client engagement, industry thought leadership, and value delivery to the large network of Gainsight clients.

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PE and Venture Capital Partners

We are proud to partner with the Investment Community to help bring all of the benefits of Gainsight to your portfolio. Through this program we will help raise the collective Customer Success maturity of your portfolio and drive the type of consistent outcomes that uplevel value. Whether you are looking to influence Customer Success, create expertise or drive mastery, we have engagement opportunities to support your teams.

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