At Gainsight, our mission is to be living proof that you can win in business while being human first. Building a diverse and inclusive sector is important on the basis of social values, and it also has a material impact on business performance – the double bottom line. We have a responsibility to create an industry that represents the diversity of the world around us – our community of customers, partners, investors, and teammates puts us in a truly unique position to transform the industry’s success by creating opportunities for underrepresented communities in tech.

Robin Merritt

Senior Vice President of Community & Careers

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Pulse Impact creates equitable talent pipelines and access to Customer Success employment through highly-focused education and training programs, internships and industry hiring commitments for underrepresented communities.
Our strategy begins with three focus areas:
Prioritizing people of color, veterans and LGBTQIA+
Seeking out individuals with highly transferable skills in affected industries such as hospitality, and retail.
Removing barriers for those without college degrees.
CS YOU, our inaugural initiative built in partnership with ed-tech master SV Academy, is designed to level the career playing field in Customer Success.

CS YOU identifies underrepresented talent and then provides (1) full-time training on CS skills and professional abilities; (2) an internship placement in the tech industry; and (3) ongoing training, mentorship, and community after full-time placement.

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CS Ops at CS YOU

Gainsight is thrilled to announce the addition of the new Gainsight Associate Admin Certificate for CS YOU students interested in pursuing a CS Ops career.

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