Engage, activate and support new learners at clients

  • Provide just in-time training to learners through personalized in-app engagements
  • Deliver personalized learning experiences through human and digital-led interactions based on users behavior
  • Customize engagements to support new end-users as well as to educate established users about your next release

“Instead of each CSM running reports and figuring out where to focus, Gainsight highlights the clients that truly need attention. In other words, we’ve gone from being reactive and scattered to being proactive and focused.”

Steven Doty

Enterprise and Education Sales Operations

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Scale Customer Success across institutions

  • Monitor and guide each of your client’s unique needs and different workflows to help them achieve their educational goals
  • Orchestrate customer journeys at scale through personalized, digital engagements
  • Create a precise measure of customer health with prescribed actions for all accounts and improve visibility between product lines, even for the most complex customer relationships


Alert your CS team to expansion opportunities or renewal threats

  • Centralize all client data into a single 360-degree view
  • Monitor institutions health and proactively identify critical risks and opportunities in your client base
  • Identify successful clients and turn them into lead-generating advocates
  • Demonstrate how your team’s activities improve health and drive learning outcomes

Empowering EdTech

Gainsight empowers you to proactively manage your customers, enabling you to retain and grow your business with them. We successfully help Education companies serving:
Public & Private K-12
Higher Education
Corporate Learning

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