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Gainsight is trusted by enterprises to protect their critical customer data

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For Companies of All Sizes & Industries

Certified By Industry Standards

Companies of all sizes and industries are using Gainsight across departments to make their clients successful. We meet the most important compliance standards to ensure our security model meets and exceeds the needs of our customers.

We never stop improving our customer data protections.

Access Controls

Role-based Access Controls (RBAC) allow you to ensure your users only have access to the information they need and nothing more.

Data Encryption

Gainsight uses various types of encryption to protect your data, including transport, at-rest, PGP, and email API encryption.

Security & Privacy Protocols

Security and privacy protocols protect customers from threats at different layers, from physical to application and beyond.

Availability & Recovery

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs help ensure Gainsight is ready to use when you need it. For transparency, review uptime and availability metrics any time on our publicly available status site.

Customer’s trust is of utmost importance to Gainsight. Enterprises of all sizes, located across different geographies and various industries are using Gainsight platform to make their clients successful. We implement and mature the best information security compliance standards to ensure our security model meets and exceeds the needs of our customers.Gainsight adheres to all Security, Privacy, and Compliance requirements in our constant effort to provide our customers with the best products and services possible.

Our Security – True Security is getting ready for the future.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and secure experience to our customers as we protect the data, the platform, employees and all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. We think that strong security is the foundation of exceptional privacy.

Considering the risks involved and the nature of the sensitive/confidential data, we implement technical, contractual, and operational controls and best practices to protect data. To assist in protecting the privacy of our customers’ sensitive/confidential information, we are always looking for ways to make these measures better.

Privacy – We Value it, We Protect it

Privacy for our website visitors, prospects, clients and their customers, is a priority at Gainsight. For more information on our privacy practices and policies please visit https://www.gainsight.com/policy/privacy/

Compliance – Our Goal is to set the gold standard when it comes to Compliance

We simply don’t speak it, but we put it into action. We at Gainsight, uphold well established compliance standards aligning with industry best practices, local laws and regulations/regulatory laws.

Contact security@gainsight.com with any security questions, reports of vulnerabilities, or if you become aware of a possible security breach or incident.


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