Deliver Outcomes Without Adding Headcount

Scale customer success quickly enough to keep up with your growing customer base. Gainsight will help you maximize efficiency while still giving your customers the attention they deserve by making data more accessible, providing a centralized view of the customer, standardizing and orchestrating workflows, and much more.


reduction in renewal processing time


increase in CSM efficiency


Streamline your efforts.

  • Bring together disparate data sources like your CRM, support ticketing system, and product usage tools into a unified view of the customer
  • Collaborate cross-functionally across pre- and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes
  • Review historical information in Timeline to improve communication around and the understanding of the customer


Power time-saving and consistent customer journeys.

  • Automate communication with an engaging mix of tech and human touches
  • Act on data-driven Calls-to-Action triggered by customer behavior
  • End inefficient workflows with best practice Playbooks


Deeply understand each customer.

  • Save valuable time for your team with the C360, providing all of a customer’s information and insights they need in a single place
  • Quickly identify trends in customer behavior and health to proactively mitigate risk situations
  • Accurately gauge customer health using robust, high-configurable health Scorecards

“When you are scaling to thousands of customers, you need to have a good sense of what’s going on with your customers. We let Gainsight manage a lot of that work for us.”

Jeffrey Coleman

Director of Customer Success

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