Retain and Grow Your Customers at Scale

Gainsight Scorecards monitor and manage health with a model that fully represents the customer’s experience. Create a holistic framework to capture every dimension of customer health, while providing the clarity needed for action from your team.

Combine multiple sources

Get the most accurate customer health score with no detail left behind.

  • Avoid missing key customer data by bringing in information from your CRM, support ticketing software, product usage data, and more
  • Combine CSM assessments with objective trends in product usage for a holistic measure of your customer’s success
  • Empower your CSMs with the ability to add sentiment data to customer scores
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Customize your health score

Fully configurable means you don’t conform to us, we conform to you.

  • Cut down on inaccuracies with multiple scorecard models for all of your different customer types
  • Eliminate guesswork with a health score framework based on the signals and data that are important to you
  • Create health scores that fit your customer base with unique control over the weight measures and other criteria

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Consolidate data from multiple sources to make it easy and efficient to gain a holistic understanding of your customer.

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Drive actions

Never miss the chance to act on a critical customer moment.

  • Drive targeted playbook and automated outreaches based on changes in customer health
  • Prevent at-risk customers from falling through the cracks with proactive alerts that bring in the right team members for the job
  • Increase efficiency with hundreds of pre-built playbook templates from successful Gainsight customers like Adobe, Box, and more
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With a unified view into customer health, Pluralsight increased net retention by 127%.


Boost efficiency with proven, prescriptive workflows and proactive alerts.

  • Listen to trends in customer data to proactively automate alerts and next steps around customer risks, opportunities, or lifecycle events
  • Drive consistency around what works with prescriptive step-by-step playbooks
  • Save your team team with prioritized workflows, and pre-templated emails, tech-touch journeys, and surveys to scale their efforts
  • Eliminate guesswork with detailed reports that show how teams spend their time and which activities have the greatest impact on Customer Success

Success Plans

Organize your team around a strategic plan to achieve customer outcomes.

  • Work with your customers to define their desired outcomes, then develop a strategic plan of action to achieve them
  • Track objectives, tasks, and milestones for every customer to help your team organize around and execute on the right actions
  • Display project plans to keep your team on track, and export status updates in presentation-ready slides for your next customer meeting
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Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire

Flexible Modeling

Build custom grading schemes and weighting across your client base

Measure Groups

Group related measures together to better understand client health


Monitor customer health and its correlation to NPS, renewal rates, engagement and more


Align and drive next steps with a chronological, easily updated view of every customer interaction

Success Planning

Help your team guide customers to desired outcomes and easily share updates

Reporting & Dashboards

Explore trends and share critical insight with industry-leading reporting and dashboards

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