Never Miss Another Expansion Opportunity

Studies show that it’s easier to sell to existing customers than acquiring new business. Take full advantage of the opportunities within your existing customer base and ensure every renewal closes with Gainsight’s powerful solution to stop leaving money on the table.

Identify and prevent revenue leakage.

  • Quickly understand which renewals are non-events vs. those that need attention
  • Accurately forecast your renewals book of business using machine learning
  • Keep tabs on champions to stay ahead of the renewal

Drive a high performing renewals process.

  • Reduce cost-to-renew by automating the renewals process for low-risk customers
  • Standardize your team’s actions with situation-specific renewals playbooks
  • Ensure on-time renewals with pre-configured alerts and notifications

Identify and execute on expansion opportunities to drive growth.

  • Analyze rich customer data to identify accounts that are ripe for expansion
  • Drill into individual accounts to identify the best path for upsell based on factors such as current products purchased, usage and health
  • Create detailed account plans to execute more consistently and power growth in your customer base

“Using Gainsight for revenue optimization has allowed us to both specialize and scale our team. We have built an automated renewal system that can and has frequently facilitated a zero touch renewal plus growth process.”

Ben Michael

Senior Manager, Customer Success

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