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Winning In Business The Durable Way: Human-First

Leading the industry with award-winning software is rewarding. But the best moments—the ones we tell our moms about—happen when we’re together with our customers, colleagues, and partners. Our mission is to prove that you can win in business by being Human-First. For us, that means cultivating innovative ideas, nourishing a deep connection to our communities, introducing industry-defining products, and never saying no to a moment of childlike joy.


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To be living proof that you can win in business while being Human-First

You can always pick a Gainster out in a crowd. And no, not just because they’re the first one to the karaoke mic. Because we always act in alignment with our values. Here are the values that guide us:

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The Values that Guide Us

Golden Rule

Golden Rule

Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Stay Thirsty

Stay Thirsty

Strive for greatness.

Childlike Joy

Childlike Joy

Bring the inner child in you to work everyday.

Success for All

Success for All

A tireless pursuit of success for our community.



Start with a beginner’s mind.

Gainsight Helps Companies Of All Sizes Build Durable Growth

Customer Success

Gainsight CS helps you drive customer-led, durable growth by delivering value to your customers at scale and ensuring you never miss another churn risk, expansion opportunity, and everything in between.

Product Experience

Gainsight PX combines the power of product analytics with digital engagements to help you prioritize your roadmap, create more value for users, and drive product-led, durable growth.

Community Management

Digital Hub helps you drive community-led, durable growth by optimizing for better, digital-first customer experiences.

Building a Community of Connection Since 2012

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A Place for Industry Leaders

We understand the power of community—be it for innovative ideas or good ol’ camaraderie. That’s why we created Pulse, the world’s largest conference for Customer Success, Product, and Community professionals.

On stage at Gainsight Pulse

Gainsight Leadership

A human-first company requires a different kind of leadership. The kind of leaders who prioritize empathy along with strategy and connection as well as innovation. In other words, you need a team like this.

We’re Global.

Six Countries and Growing Fast

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January 11, 2023

Gainsight Earns #1 Spot on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work List for 2023

San Francisco, California (January 11th, 2023) Gainsight, the platform for Durable Growth™, has placed first overall on the Glassdoor Best Places to Work list for…

May 15, 2024

Gainsight Leads Next Frontier in Human-First AI with Gainsight AI

Gainsight Unveils Copilot at Pulse 2024; Former Salesforce Executive Joins to Accelerate AI Momentum ST. LOUIS, MO, MAY 15, 2024—Gainsight, the world’s leading Customer Success…

October 18, 2023

Gainsight Report Finds Nearly Half of SaaS Companies Focused on Digital Customer Success To Drive Scale and Efficiency

New Digital Strategies Are Helping Companies Improve Customer Experience, Product Adoption, and Customer Retention San Francisco, California (October 18th, 2023) – Gainsight, the world’s leading…