Retain and Grow Your Customers at Scale

Gainsight CS makes customers your best growth engine. Get a comprehensive view of your customers, understand trends and risks, and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

360 View

Empower your team with a single source of truth for every customer.

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources into a central view, enabling teams to quickly and easily access a holistic view of the customer and their journey
  • Design multiple 360 layouts to show the right view depending on the customer’s attributes or the user’s role
  • Enable your cross-functional team to deliver customer outcomes by surfacing key insights on-the-go with our mobile app and in the tools they use everyday, such as your CRM and video conferencing platform
customer health visibility
customer success scorecards


Capture customer health with a comprehensive, accurate framework.

  • Create a holistic assessment of health across all types of interactions and data, from CSM Assessments to Product Usage trends and more
  • Reflect the scoring dimensions that are most important and impactful to your business
  • Use customer health as your early warning system, and drive targeted playbooks and automated outreaches when changes occur
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Consolidate data from multiple sources to make it easy and efficient to gain a holistic understanding of your customer.

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Equip customer-facing teams with context and alignment.

  • View a customer’s entire chronological history, including notes, updates, and touchpoints to better understand their unique journey 
  • Log notes and emails, and manage tasks within Gainsight or through convenient integrations with your productivity tools
  • Find the right information whenever you need it and holistically analyze your company’s activity with a customer
customer success playbooks

See how Gainsight helped Cisco transform their customer success organization.

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Boost efficiency with prescriptive workflows and proactive alerts.

  • Listen to trends in customer data to proactively automate alerts and next steps around customer risks, opportunities, or lifecycle events
  • Drive consistency around what works with prescriptive step-by-step playbooks
  • Save your team with prioritized workflows, and pre-templated emails, tech-touch journeys, and surveys to scale their efforts
  • Eliminate guesswork with detailed reports that show how teams spend their time and which activities have the greatest impact on customer success
Gainsight Home


A Centralized view designed specifically for Customer Success Managers

  • Provides CSMs with a single, centralized view of all their most important insights and action items for their customer portfolio
  • Bring functionality from across the platform – such as tasks, customer activities, reports and more – into a single, personalized view
  • Completely configurable view that’s easy to personalize, giving CSMs the tools they need to maximize productivity

Success Plans

Stay organized with a strategic plan to achieve customer outcomes.

  • Work with your customers to define their desired outcomes, then develop a strategic plan of action to achieve them
  • Track objectives, tasks, and milestones for every customer to help your team organize around and execute on the right actions
  • Share plans with customers to keep projects on track; collaborate with customers directly in the platform or export status updates in presentation-ready slides for your next meeting
customer success analytics
Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire
Customer 360
Enable your team with a single source of truth for essential information about every customer
Create a robust framework to capture every dimension of your customer health
Scale your team’s actions with proactive alerts and proven workflows and templates
Align and drive next steps with a chronological, easy-to-update view of every customer interaction
Success Planning
Help your team guide customers to desired outcomes and easily share updates
Horizon Analytics
Explore trends and share critical insight with industry-leading reporting and dashboards
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