The #1-Rated Customer Success Solution

Gainsight helps you drive customer success throughout the entire customer journey at scale.


Make your day of managing customers more successful—and shorter.

With all your customer data in one place, data-driven alerts to focus your attention, and productivity tools to take the repetition out of your tasks, Gainsight has the power to make you more effective and efficient.

  • Features for all types of CSM.

    Gainsight improves the lives of customer managers across the spectrum with automated journeys for high-volume portfolios and account planning tools for strategic relationships—and everything in-between.


Prove how your team's activities translate into customer impact.

Don't guess whether your team's activities deliver the customer's ultimate success. Orchestrate action across your customer-facing teams with analytics and playbooks from the individual account level all the way to company-wide rollups.

  • Detail for everyday management. Insight for company-level strategy.

    Gainsight is the one tool that drives orchestrated action for every part of your customer-facing team. It's as granular as you need while still surfacing broad trends.


Make customers successful anytime, anywhere

Access critical customer insights, capture key notes and activities, sync your Google and Outlook calendars, and receive actionable notifications on your phone to make sure you never miss a beat.

  • A powerful app for customer-facing teams on the go

    Our mobile app puts your favorite Gainsight functionality at your fingertips, giving your team the tools they need to be even more productive and drive success for your customers wherever they are.


Supercharge Your CSM Team.

Engage your CSMs directly within Gainsight CS with the right content to accelerate onboarding, maximize productivity, and drive continuous training. Enablement Engine helps your team deliver customer outcomes more efficiently by:

  • Delivering rich content such as video tutorials and walkthroughs to help bring CSMs up to speed quickly

  • Providing contextual guidance on internal processes and best practices while CSMs are using the platform

  • Introducing new processes, best practices or features of the platform to your CSMs for ongoing training/development


Extend the customer journey into your product

Create dynamic customer journeys that extend directly into your product for a more holistic and seamless experience. The ability to include in-app engagements as steps within your customer journeys enables you to:

  • Take journeys to the next level by extending them into your product

  • Simplify the creation and management of the communications going out to your customer base

  • Your customers constantly generate data. Learn what these signals actually mean.

    • Centralize all your data into an easily accessible 360-degree view of the customer.
    • Capture the nuances of customer health across all types of interactions with a comprehensive, data-rich scorecard.
    • Map out your key client contacts in an organizational chart to understand the roles, relationships, and influence of the people you interact with at an account.
    • Identify risky renewals earlier and avoid missed opportunities and forecasts with a predictive customer renewal score based on data.
    • Analyze customers across your portfolio with visual reports and dashboards to make better informed decisions.
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  • Turn your customer signals into coordinated engagement.

    • Orchestrate customer journeys at scale through human and digital engagements blended seamlessly into a single program.
    • Help your team work smarter and more efficiently with prescriptive, step-by-step playbooks and proactive alerts that notify your team when action is needed.
    • Keep an eye on your key sponsors and get proactively alerted to when they might be changing jobs.
    • Close the loop on customer feedback by designing visually compelling surveys that target customers with data-driven segmentation.
    • Capture, deliver, and demonstrate customer outcomes by developing and executing Success Plans in partnership with your customer.
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  • Rally your entire team around driving superior customer outcomes.

    • Capture notes, emails, and to-dos in one place to capture and preserve customer interactions in one single feed.
    • Ask Sally, you own powerful AI bot, for customer insight through simple conversation and give commands to help quickly complete tasks and boost your productivity.
    • Email a dynamic webpage of 360 Views, Dashboards, and Success Plans directly to customers so they can track their own health and success along with you.
    • Keep cross-functional teams aligned on delivering exceptional customer experiences with Gainsight UI that lives in their primary system.
    • Make it easy to do it all on the go with an intuitive Mobile App.
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  • Our platform capabilities provide power and flexibility for long-term scalability.

    • Bring together customer data in all its different formats for one single source of truth.
    • Model and manage complex customers in a way that accurately reflects the nuance of your business.
    • Leverage powerful data transformation and exploration processes that derive deeper, more meaningful insights and drive the most impactful actions from your data.
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