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Customer Success Software

Empower Partners To Positively Impact Jointly Owned Customers

Securely integrate channel and ecosystem partners in your customer success strategies with Through-Partner CS.

Trusted By Leading Customer Success Teams Worldwide

Create A Complete Partner Success Program

Keep your partners involved after the sale.

  • Let your partners drive parts of the customer journey by assigning partner users in Gainsight.
  • Configure access controls so partner users only access the features, workflows and customer information they need.
  • Scale your customer success strategy outside of your organization.

Streamlined Admin Of Partner Users

Quickly Configure Partner Users And Data Controls

  • Add partner companies and users individually or via bulk upload
  • Assign customers to partner companies and partner users
  • Control access to data sets and Gainsight features per partner and partner user

Make Partners Part Of Your Playbook

Leverage shared insights for customer growth and retention

  • Securely share data and insights to establish a joint view of the customer
  • Trigger CTAs and workflows to engage and involve partners in CS touchpoints
  • Leverage partner inputs to renew contracts and identify expansion opportunities

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“Overall, Gainsight helps us get customer feedback faster, so we can reach either a learning outcome for them or for us as quickly as possible, then take action.” Melissa Terrell, VP Operations, Dealerware