Life is short. Love your job.

Oh yeah. That’s Vanilla Ice right there. But working at Gainsight is more than selfies with celebrities. It’s the best job you’ll ever have.

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Core Values

Core Values

Your job should never be a barrier to your happiness—it should be an avenue to achieve it. At Gainsight, we’re passionate about achieving our goals—at the office and everywhere—and we work every day to create an environment that nurtures our best selves. It’s a workplace built on a foundation of five core values:

  • The Golden Rule (An oldie, but a goodie!)
  • Success For All (Customers, Employees, and Shareholders)
  • Childlike Joy (Hope you like ping pong and karaoke)
  • Shoshin (A Japanese word meaning “The Beginner’s Mind”)
  • Stay Thirsty, My Friends (Shamelessly lifted from the commercial!)
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