Better Capture Customer Feedback in Community

Get insights directly from your community and build a truly customer-centric product.

Woman standing by screenshots of the Gainsight platform gathering feedback

A Frictionless Experience For Customers.
Deeper Insights For Teams.

Gainsight lets you collect product ideas and feedback directly in your community to keep the conversation going and better understand shared customer needs.

Share ideas and feedback

Enable customers to submit feedback and ideas without friction.

Vote on ideas

Let customers vote on ideas and get a better understanding of customer needs.

Provide idea status

Allow customers to instantly see the status of an idea by assigning status.

Boost Product Adoption

Provide transparent product communications to alert users when a new feature or enhancement is available.

Community-Backed Product Decisions.

Seamlessly collect customer feedback

Create an environment for your customers to submit feedback and be heard.

Filter ideas and merge duplicates

Filter ideas based on engagement and avoid duplicates by merging similar types of feedback.

Prioritize feedback and feature requests

Tie feedback to ARR and understand exactly how much specific ideas are worth.

Close the loop on feedback

Close the loop by communicating updates directly to your customers.

Get a complete picture of customer needs

Make informed decisions with community feedback in one place.

Build customer-driven product roadmaps

Build and adjust your product roadmap based on customer feedback.

Close The Loop With Product Updates.

Close the feedback loop by posting product updates, sharing your product roadmap, and publishing ideation reviews.

Close the loop on customer feedback

Create specific and personalized follow-up communication to your product feedback and make sure your customers feel valued.

  • Allow users to subscribe to Product Updates so they don’t miss a thing.
  • Tag specific users in updates to acknowledge their contributions.
  • Make Product Updates accessible for a specific set of users.

Publish product updates and release notes

Got a product update or feature release? Share it instantly with your customers and make your community the go-to place for everyone to learn about the latest improvements.

  • All product updates in one place, your customers will know exactly where to find them.
  • A dedicated and customizable landing page for all your Product Updates.
  • Categorize Product Updates by Product Areas.


Track how well you're delivering on customer feedback

The product feedback dashboard shows how well you’re delivering on the ideas that your users vote for and submit.

  • Overview of ideas created.
  • See the number of votes submitted.
  • Track ideas delivered.

Product Feedback & Ideation Features

Categorize feedback by
product area

Categorize feedback by product area to get a complete overview of product health and customer needs. Save views and share them with relevant teams.

Increase engagement

Use gamification to drive engagement, encourage ideation, and facilitate discussion among customers. Set up leaderboards and reward members 
with badges.

Prioritize ideas based

Prioritize feature requests based on the number of votes and use integrations 
to filter ideas based on account value 
to understand the dollar value 
behind ideas.

Review feedback and
assign owners

Review feedback, assign appropriate owners, and manage expectations by updating the status. Message contributors directly and ask for clarification if needed.

Filter ideas and merge

Add moderation tags and labels to 
help product teams prioritize feedback. 
Filter ideas based on engagement and avoid duplicates by merging similar 
types of feedback.

Create beta groups and
advisory boards

Put customer feedback at the core of the decision-making process by creating beta groups. Build customer advisory groups to get deeper insights into customer needs.

Just using the Productboard integration and Slack, we’ve created a new workflow where community and product can work together – it’s been a game-changer.

Juliana Spinardi
Community at Pipefy

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