Build Lasting Customer Relationships With Community

Drive adoption, boost engagement, increase retention, and foster advocacy, all on your customers’ terms.

Create a Personalized Customer Experience With a Fully Customized Community.

Drive customer engagement and facilitate stronger relationships among your customers and with your brand.

Create one central Community for all customer needs

Enable your customers to connect with peers, access content, and share ideas and best practices.

Deliver a personalized experience

Show content based on user roles to get the most relevant content in front of the right people.

Create groups for specific customer segments

Allow customers to browse and join groups and engage with the content they find most valuable.

Drive Deeper Engagement With Awards and More

Incentivize customer participation and engagement with badges and leaderboards.

It’s Never Been Simpler.

Build a fully customized community

Leverage our extensive Widget Library and drag & drop to create your ideal community setup without development expertise.

Enjoy advanced moderation capabilities

Monitor, edit, move, archive, and delete community content with advanced workflows and editing options.

Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics

Use Q&A Dashboards to track community engagement metrics like questions asked, replies, and response rates.

Connect to the rest of your tech stack

Connect to the tools you use daily to create deeper insights and build smarter workflows.

Build a fully branded community

Adjust colors, fonts, and add custom HTML and CSS to make your community look and feel like your brand.

Boost engagement with gamification

Drive engagement using a rank system and leaderboards. Use badges to reward skills and expertise.

Build Authentic Connections with Groups and Events.

Complete the customer experience with Groups and Events and build more meaningful connections with your customers.


Connect with customers through Groups

Create Groups to allow members to more easily engage with the content they find most valuable.

  • Create public and private groups: Organize the content around a common interest or theme.
  • Manage members with ease: See who is a member of a group, remove unwanted members, and approve new users.
  • Build more intimate experiences: Get deeper insights into customer needs by creating Customer Advisory Boards


Promote events to engage customers

Promote your event, and get event registrations and RSVPs. Set up structural engagement around events and targeted user groups.

  • All your events in one place: Your event overview shows all upcoming and past events that you’ve published.
  • Promote your event: Promote your event in your customer community and drive event registrations.
  • Create events in Groups: Publish events in specific groups for members to view and attend.

In-app embeddable

Find content in seconds with our in-app embeddables

In-app embeddables combine your community content and your knowledge base into one easy-to-find widget. Make it available across your website pages or within your app’s back-end environment.

  • Smart search: Users looking for more detail or a different topic? Help them find it faster with smart search.
  • Curate your chosen content: Have specific customer success content you want to highlight? Pin articles to the top of the list.
  • Match your brand: Offer a consistent brand experience with our fully customizable options.


Track Engagement Across Your Community

Add your community data to your Gainsight C360 dashboard and use our Salesforce integration for a powerful view into usage across your entire customer base

  • Understand customer activity and sentiment.
  • Influence health scores with community metrics.
  • Get insights on the company or account level.
  • See trends over time.

​​The platform allows for a huge amount of customization, which means you can truly make it feel like part of your own product.

Chris J
Customer Success Director

Discover the community platform that keeps your customers coming back for more.