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With Gainsight Support, Omnicell Aligns Around Customer Health—and Drives Outcomes

As Omnicell shifted its focus from customer support to customer health, they needed a customer success platform that could provide more robust data insights and a higher level of automation. Gainsight CS empowered their Customer Success team with enhanced capabilities and helped them establish customer health as a focal point for their entire organization.

30% increase

in on-time renewals

8% decrease

in at-risk customers

100K emails

sent with a 20% open rate

Gainsight has helped our entire company start thinking about customer health, which has been a very big culture shift. Gainsight lets us capture real metrics and data that show us how customers are performing and achieving outcomes.

Brenda Barry
Vice President, Customer Success, Omnicell

In Brief

Omnicell, a leader in transforming the pharmacy care delivery model, was looking to empower their Customer Success team to more proactively focus on customer health. They leveraged Gainsight CS holistically to implement efficiencies and best practices for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) while launching new initiatives in areas like NPS, health scores, and renewals. Ultimately, Gainsight helped them align the entire organization, including executive leadership, around customer health.


Improve Efficiency And Avoid Friction In The Customer Journey

Omnicell is committed to transforming pharmacy care with its portfolio of robotics, smart devices, intelligent software, and expert services. Over the past few years, the company has tightened their focus on delivering customer outcomes with an eye toward driving retention and expansion. To better execute on that vision, the Omnicell Customer Success team realized they needed to enhance their capabilities.

From an operational perspective, they sought to standardize best practices and find efficiencies that would allow their CSMs to concentrate on high-value activities.

Omnicell also wanted to gain better visibility into holistic customer health, with specific needs to create more transparent success plans and improve their renewal process. Additionally, they wanted to develop a digital scale program that would expand their reach.

Their overarching goal was to create a single source of truth around the customer that would help the organization rally around helping customers achieve their goals with Omnicell’s products.

To expand their capabilities, Omnicell turned to Gainsight CS.


Operational Excellence And An Improved Customer Journey

The Omnicell Customer Success team, consisting of around 30 CSMs and 150 Pharmacy Technicians, Solution Advisors, and Field Strategists, leveraged Gainsight CS to shift from a more reactive support role to become a truly proactive function laser focused on helping customers achieve value.

“We’ve used Gainsight to transform Customer Success from a concierge group that primarily answers customer questions to a truly outcomes-focused function,” says Andrew Marsh, Senior Director, Customer Success at Omnicell.

Gainsight has helped Omnicell standardize best practices so that CSMs are focused on the most important priorities around customer health. Part of that process has been assembling all customer data in Gainsight so that CSMs and others don’t have to jump from system to system to get a full picture of the customer. “Before Gainsight, we were using six different systems to monitor customer health, which just wasn’t efficient,” says Josh Burt, Director, Customer Success Management at Omnicell. “We’ve now integrated four out of the six systems into Gainsight.”

Having everyone on the same page in terms of process makes it much easier for Burt to manage his team. “When I have one-on-ones with CSMs, we use Gainsight to talk about their book of business. What do we need to be mindful of? If a customer is red, what is our plan of action to bring them back? That’s been really helpful with the ultimate goal of improving customer health—Gainsight has really transformed that aspect of our business,” says Burt.

The standardization of the CSM role and added visibility in Gainsight has even enabled Omnicell to start a bonus program for CSMs based around improving customer health scores. “We could have never done that without Gainsight because we would not have been able to track results without a single source of truth,” Marsh says.

More visibility and control over the customer journey

Omnicell has leveraged Gainsight to drive major transformations within their customer success team.

Revamping their customer health scores in Gainsight CS allowed Omnicell to develop two levels of scorecards that better capture customer needs. They use Gainsight Customer 360 to measure the health of overall customers, while taking advantage of Gainsight Relationship 360 scorecards focused on individual product lines. These scorecards have helped them focus their efforts at the holistic and product line levels.

Part of that focus has been on renewals. Using Gainsight, they developed a renewal dashboard, which integrates all service maintenance renewal information. That has helped them ensure that customers are always on an active service plan, and driven more on-time renewals.

A key driver of on-time renewals was a better understanding of customer sentiment. Upgrading their NPS (net promoter score) program with Gainsight provided real-time NPS results, letting CSMs take quicker action on those results.

“Gainsight has been transformative in the way CSMs access NPS results, seeing the data in real time,” says Marsh. “And then more importantly, being able to turn around and initiate an NPS response campaign once a survey is complete.” Since they started leveraging Gainsight, Omnicell has achieved the highest NPS response rate in company history.

While CSM action can now be more instantaneous, they can’t be everywhere at once. Gainsight automation has enabled Omnicell to create digital CS programs that have broadened their reach to better serve a larger customer base. “We have our key accounts that we’re really engaged with,,” says Burt. “But there are other customers that previously we were not able to reach on a regular basis.”

Their digital CS program allowed Omnicell to create more targeted customer communications. “If there’s an event or announcement that’s maybe not large enough to be a huge marketing campaign, but we know it’s really important for a lot of customers, we will partner with Marketing to develop a mini-campaign with Gainsight,” Burt explains. Deploying these automated programs via Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator lets the team reach these customers more effectively at scale.


Company Alignment Around Improved Customer Health Results In More On-time Renewals

Ultimately, Gainsight has become a single source of truth that has allowed everyone—from CSMs to Product to the C-suite—to rally around the customer. Across the organization, when anyone needs to know something about a customer, Gainsight clarifies the customer’s priorities, objectives, and sentiment.

“Gainsight has become the place to go to get the most accurate history and the current status,” Burt says. “It all ties together, and that’s what’s been really cool about it. Everybody knows where to go and that’s been beneficial for us.”

The fact that success plans now live within Gainsight has been instrumental in achieving that alignment. “Gainsight has allowed for more transparency for everything that happens with a customer from a timeline and journey perspective,” Burt says.

Robust Digital Engagement Improves Health & Retention

Omnicell has achieved more than just visibility, with a direct impact on healthy customers. Their customer health initiatives resulted in a 30% increase in green, healthy customers and an 8% decrease for red accounts. Part of that improvement in customer health can be attributed to faster response times for support.

“We’ve seen improvements in mean time to resolution for support services because the collaboration now is really strong with our technical assistance centers,” says Barry. “Customer Success can really monitor for key customers—that’s one of our customer health data points— and it’s really given the right focus for certain key customers.”

Their renewal initiative has also been a success, increasing on-time renewals for service maintenance agreements by 30% in 2023. “We leverage dashboards in Gainsight to track renewals from a service maintenance perspective, which is a significant dollar amount across our business,” explains Burt. “Gainsight helped us build a better partnership between the Renewals team and Customer Success. We put a lot of different workflows in place to make sure we’re getting our on-time renewals and that customers are always on a service contract.”

Omnicell’s digital scale program has created 17 digital journeys based on a range of segments and use cases. As part of the program, they have sent around 100,000 emails with a 20 percent open rate. “Digital engagement is really starting to make a difference with those customers,” says Burt. “It has been a huge win for us.”

Each of these programs has had a distinct impact, but the ability to demonstrate customer outcomes and share that information back with customers has been a true differentiator.

Gainsight gives us a competitive differentiation because we can now sit down with the customer and give them a scorecard, and demonstrate the value back to them,” Barry explains. “It’s something our competitors don’t do. Even when we meet with customers during the buying process, our Customer Success team is brought in to demonstrate what we are able to do as a partner.

What’s Next

The Customer Success team is looking forward to using Gainsight to get deeper with customers by product. Burt explains: “Leveraging product-specific health scores from Gainsight, we will be able to double click into those and see how they are performing across our customer base. If we see a product line starting to slip, we want to use Gainsight to trigger digital campaigns. That’s something we’re working on right now.”

Overall, Gainsight has enabled Omnicell to align around organizational goals, from the executive team all the way down. “It’s been great to see across the whole business that there’s a focus on customer health,” Burt says. “Gainsight has been truly transformational for us.”