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Popmenu Doubles Productivity and Serves Up a Better Customer Experience With Gainsight CS and PX

Popmenu used Gainsight CS Essentials and Gainsight PX to create a more efficient, data-driven Customer Success team.


CSM productivity


Coverage ratio among lower ARR customers

192% increase

in NPS

From an efficiency perspective, we doubled our productivity by having Gainsight. It’s been huge for us.

Carie Buchanan
Chief Experience Officer, Popmenu

In Brief

Restaurant technology platform Popmenu was looking to improve the efficiency of their customer success (CS) team. They also wanted to gain better visibility into customer health, make health scores more actionable, and maximize the value of their customer usage data. Using Gainsight CS’ Essentials offering and Gainsight PX, they automated CS processes and integrated data from a wide range of data sources and tools. As a result, they increased the accuracy of their health scores, gathered more robust customer data, and implemented in-app engagements that improved the customer experience and resulted in measurable outcomes for the business.


Overloaded CSMs and a lack of visibility into customer health

Popmenu’s restaurant technology platform serves as a digital control center for more than 10,000 restaurants and hospitality groups in the UK and North America. After several years of rapid growth, the company recently shifted its focus to increasing profitability. As part of that strategy, they were looking to increase the efficiency of their CS team.

“About 80% of our clients were small- to medium-sized businesses,” explains Savannah Greene, Director of Marketing Solutions at Popmenu. “We were relying too much on headcount to support them. We needed to figure out a way to become more efficient.”

Many of their CSMs were overloaded with accounts, with some handling as many as 300 clients. That volume made it difficult for them to keep track of customer health and engage effectively when needed.

“We were launching campaigns and setting up customer journeys, but didn’t have great visibility into how well they were actually moving the needle,” recalls Emily Bishop McBride, Product Marketing Manager at Popmenu.

To increase efficiency and establish more scalable processes, Popmenu determined that they needed to upgrade both their CS and product experience (PX) capabilities. For CS, they needed a simple, fast way to improve their functionality, as well as better integration with Salesforce and other tools. In terms of PX, they wanted to make better use of their customer usage data to drive adoption of their product.

“We wanted to connect our PX tool with our CS tool,” says McBride. “We were using many different technologies and none of them really talked together the way we wanted them to.”


Scaling with the Essentials of Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX

Rapid automation and integrations with Gainsight CS Essentials offering.

Gainsight CS provided Popmenu with the tools they needed to rapidly automate many of their processes. Leveraging the Gainsight CS Essentials offering, Popmenu was able to implement all the core CS functionality they needed without overly complex use cases that weren’t a fit for their size. For example, they automated the welcoming process that followed onboarding; created automated playbooks to guide CSMs when they recognized the need for action; and then automated those calls to action (CTAs) with Gainsight Journey Orchestrator.

The simplified implementation of Gainsight’s Essentials offering allowed them to get integrations up and running quickly. “We loved how Gainsight gave us the ability to integrate well with Salesforce and begin collecting that data, along with the data generated by Gainsight itself,” says Greene. This more robust data set immediately enhanced the ability of CSMs to make strategic decisions. “We created dashboards that gave CSMs insight into their portfolios in a way that we hadn’t been able to do before.”

A more accurate, actionable customer health score

Equipped with a more robust data pool in Gainsight, Popmenu was able to optimize their customer health score to be more detailed and accurate. Gainsight provided them with sufficient granularity to identify previously hidden indicators of customer health.

“Instead of being limited to segmenting accounts based on highest ARR, now we can look at many different factors, such as low utilization or the number of support tickets,” explains Carie Buchanan, Chief Experience Officer at Popmenu.

“Gainsight has given us a window into where we should focus our time,” explains Tori Dailey, Director of Client Strategy and Retention at Popmenu. “We’re able to use the health scores to run specific programs and campaigns for high-risk clients.”

They are even moving from a traditional red, yellow, and green score to a numerical score that measures customer health on a scale from 1-100. That accuracy has made it easier for CSMs to identify potential churn.

“We’re doing a lot of analysis on why customers churn,” says Buchanan. “Gainsight helps us get ahead of churn, not find it after it’s already happening.”

Leveraging Gainsight features: Text Analytics, AI Cheat Sheet, and Journey Orchestrator

Gainsight’s Text Analytics feature makes it easier for Popmenu to collect and analyze written feedback and content from within the platform. Once the data is collected, it automatically provides advanced analytics to help identify churn and improve product usability. “I love the text analytics from Gainsight—that’s my favorite,” say Dailey. “That’s been really, really helpful and insightful.”

Gainsight’s AI-powered customer summary feature, AI Cheat Sheet, provides the team with a quick snapshot of a customer’s biggest risks, goals, business needs, and more to help them prepare for customer engagements. “AI Cheat Sheet does a nice job of looking at the milestones and the CTAs,” says Buchanan. “As a leader, being able to dig into customer information without having to spend a lot of time is key.”

Gainsight Journey Orchestrator has also been a big focus for Popmenu, helping them get alignment across the different campaigns. Journey Orchestrator uses automated communications like email to engage with customers at scale.

Clear insights into customer usage from Gainsight PX

Gainsight PX has made it much easier for Popmenu to gather, analyze, and act on product usage data. “Figuring out exactly which features customers are using, how they’re using them, and how often, was difficult before Gainsight,” recalls McBride. “Even how often customers logged in was a big question. Gainsight PX gave us the confidence that we can truly capture customer usage, which helped us set up realistic KPIs around that.”

Gainsight PX also enabled Popmenu to improve customer adoption through the use of in-app engagements, which allow them to walk customers through new features and functionality.

“We are really looking at how we can use Gainsight PX to help with navigation through some of the harder parts of the application,” says Buchanan. “There’s going to be a lot of opportunity for us to continue to leverage that capability going forward.”


Doubled productivity, nearly tripled NPS scores, and achieved a coverage model that supports customers with fewer CSMs.

As a result of implementing Gainsight, Popmenu’s CS team has increased their efficiency twofold. “From an efficiency perspective, we doubled our productivity by having Gainsight. It’s been huge for us,” Buchanan says. “We were able to shift our coverage of low ARR customers to our success hub model with a ratio of 1:1,250.”

Leveraging Gainsight for NPS surveys (email and in-app), they saw a whopping 192% increase in their NPS. And now, whenever they get a negative NPS, Gainsight helps them kick off a process to reach out to that customer. “That really helps us get ahead of things,” says Buchanan.

Gainsight has been a huge help in increasing their customer health scores. They have experienced a 18% increase in scores moving up from red to orange, orange to yellow, and yellow to green.

The improved technological capabilities of Gainsight tools have allowed Popmenu to give their digital programs a makeover. Since implementing Gainsight, their average email open rate has increased to 69%. “We’re seeing our customers engage more with our communications,” says Greene.

And the same improvement is realized in-product, where Gainsight PX’s in-app digital engagements have improved usage of their product. In one engagement, they achieved a 61% increase in product adoption.

What’s Next

The Popmenu CS team is excited to continue leveraging PX’s in-app engagements and further implement the Knowledge Center Bot, an in-app resource to access key content and knowledge articles, going forward. Their ultimate goal is to roll it out to all clients (currently, it is only used for onboarding). “We want Gainsight to be our go-to place for help with our product,” McBride says. “We are super excited to see the results.”

They are also looking forward to rolling out success plans from Gainsight CS. “We believe success plans will help us align better on key customer goals and then communicate that value back to customers,” Greene says.

With Gainsight on board, Popmenu has created a leaner, more effective CS function that has clearer visibility into customer health, which has allowed them to take action on potential churn and deliver a better customer experience.