Seeq Delivers Human-First Customer Success Model and Saves $100K Annually

Seeq leveraged Gainsight CS to create cohesive, efficient CS programs that result in high-value customer engagement.


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The time saved by Gainsight allows us to prioritize higher-value conversations that deliver more value to our customers.

Stephanie Chan
CSM Excellence Manager at Seeq

In Brief

Seeq, a global leader in advanced analytics for the process manufacturing industries, provides self-service, enterprise SaaS solutions to accelerate critical insights and action from historically unused data. When the company wanted to consolidate and formalize their customer success efforts into a single organization, they needed a unified platform that would allow them to standardize best practices and maximize efficiencies. With Gainsight CS, they automated many CSMs tasks, reducing time spent by 30% and freeing up resources to deliver higher-value human engagements.


From oil and gas to pharmaceuticals to utilities, companies in a wide range of vertical industries rely on advanced analytics from Seeq to optimize business and production outcomes. As an enterprise SaaS provider, creating amazing customer experiences is a major part of Seeq’s business model. The company’s drive to deliver value to customers ultimately led to their decision to combine multiple customer-facing teams into one customer success organization. 

To solidify its newly formed customer success team, Seeq was looking for a purpose-built platform that would be one centralized home for everything.


When it came time to choose the right solution, Gainsight integrated nicely into Seeq’s existing tech stack. It’s easy integration with Salesforce, tools, templates, and on-demand training content made Gainsight stand out.

Seeq implemented Gainsight in just six weeks. They were thrilled with the number of features that were ready to go right out of the box.

Gainsight Journey Orchestrator is an email automation tool that allows Seeq’s CSMs to blend human and digital 1:many engagements in a single journey to reach the right customers at the right time. Stephanie Chan, CSM Excellence Manager at Seeq, has observed how this Gainsight feature has empowered their CSMs: “Journey Orchestrator is a big favorite for our CSMs because it enables us to provide consistent communication to our customers.”

With help from Gainsight, Seeq has also designed a new NPS program.

“Gainsight was super helpful in determining when we should send the NPS survey, to what segment of customers, and how to structure it so the feedback that we get is actionable.”
– Stephanie Chan, CSM Excellence Manager at Seeq


Using Gainsight Journey Orchestrator, Seeq was able to save 30% of the time they used to spend on their “Essentials” segment of customers. That time translates to $100,000 in annual savings.

“But it’s more than just the dollars,” says Chan. “The time saved by Gainsight allows us to prioritize higher-value conversations that deliver more value to our customers.”

Currently, Seeq is looking to take their scorecards to the next level and refine what good and healthy customers look like to get their customers to value realization even faster.

By choosing digital, it allows us to improve our customers experience by bringing consistency to it. It’s a choice we’re making for our customers to make their experience better.

Stephanie Chan
CSM Excellence Manager at Seeq