Deliver superior customer experiences at scale

Gainsight's Journey Orchestrator makes it easy to deliver seamless experiences by combining human and digital outreach in a single journey. Guide customers to their desired outcomes, and enable your team members to focus their time and energy where it’s needed the most.

Integrated Customer Journeys

Blend human and digital outreach in a single journey.

  • Automate tech touches that incorporate human outreach when customers need it the most
  • Never miss a risky moment with auto-triggered alerts for your customer success team
  • Eliminate inconsistencies using playbooks that accompany every alert
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Personalize At Scale

Deliver white-glove experiences with fewer resources.

  • Save valuable CSM time by automating important customer moments like onboarding, renewals, surveys, and more
  • Prevent customer frustration with dynamic journeys that adjust to each customer instead of  “one-size-fits-all” communications
  • Precisely trigger outreach using the full breadth of your customer data

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Consolidate data from multiple sources to make it easy and efficient to gain a holistic understanding of your customer.

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Go Beyond Email

Extend customer journeys into your product.

  • Reach customers where they are with automated in-product outreach
  • Provide resources to align with problems customers are experiencing within your product
  • Create a consistent experience across your product, tech touches, and human touches as they work together to drive customer engagement
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Want to see Gainsight in action? Check out our on-demand demo center.

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Spot Weaknesses in Your Customer Experience

Uncover trends to improve your customer journeys.

  • Eliminate blind spots in your customer journey and see what actions are helping and hurting
  • Understand how your customer journeys are impacting customer health scores
  • Analyze multiple sources of customer data simultaneously to get a holistic view of customer experience

Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire

Flexible Scheduling

Further customize journeys with timers and conditional wait steps


Split journeys in multiple ways based on customer behavior


Deploy NPS, CSAT, and Generic Surveys natively within Gainsight

Simple Programs

Launch simplified, single-step journeys in minutes

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