AutoRek Rapidly Transforms Their Customer Success Engagement Model

Gainsight Essentials provided AutoRek with efficiency-driving tools like Dashboards, CTAs, Playbooks, and Scorecards to achieve time savings and improve collaboration.


hrs/week/CSM Saved


View of Customer Health

With Gainsight, they don’t need to do so many manual tasks because of the automated workflows. The automation also means that nothing is missed.

Calum Mcintyre
CSM and Gainsight Administrator at AutoRek

In Brief

Fintech leader AutoRek is on a transformation journey – one that is laser focused on innovation and accelerated growth. To manage their expanding portfolio of customers, which today comprises some of the world’s largest asset management, banking, insurance and payment firms – and ensure they are delivering value at scale, the AutoRek Customer Success team needed a dedicated customer success platform that could automate tasks and provide robust intuitive customer data to enable more informed decision making and analysis—and they needed to adopt the platform quickly. To solve this challenge, AutoRek implemented Gainsight Essentials, the easy way to get started with customer success. Using Gainsight tools, they were able to rapidly align their business around a single source of truth, automate actions, and orchestrate customer engagements to ensure value delivery at scale.


Since its founding in 1994, AutoRek has been enabling financial services firms to save time and reduce risk around,complex, high-voume, manual data related work. Since 2021, AutoRek has tripled in size as it accelerates plans to grow globally to meet the continued demand for its solutions and industry expertise.

As part of her role as Vice President of Customer Success at AutoRek, Sarah Hall was given a mandate to mature the company’s customer success engagement model—in line with industry best practice—to keep pace with the growth of the business.

“We had implemented Salesforce 24 months prior. So the next evolution was to implement a customer success solution,” Hall explains. “We wanted a tool that was best-in-class and integrated seamlessly with Salesforce, so there would be a natural fluidity to the way customer data flowed through our systems.”

AutoRek also wanted to give their customer success managers (CSMs) much more control and understanding of customer data.

“We were using a range of different tools, a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster. What we didn’t have was a full 360 degree view of the entire customer relationship at all stages of the life cycle.”
-Sarah Hall, Vice President of Customer Success at AutoRek.

To meet their ambitious growth targets, AutoRek needed to make this transformation quickly. In response, they turned to Gainsight Essentials, to start and scale quickly.


With Gainsight on board, AutoRek focused on building out their new customer engagement model using the improved automation tools and data provided by the platform. An early win was the implementation of calls to action (CTAs) and Playbooks. “Playbooks and CTAs helped put our CSMs in the driving seat in terms of proactive identification of risk,” Hall explains.  

CTAs also lightened the administrative burden on CSMs. For example, if there is a service review, a CTA reminds them to schedule service reviews and EBRs.

Gainsight Scorecards were another success story.

Scorecards gave us a holistic view of customer health. Being able to see everything on one screen made it easier for CSMs to analyze and discuss the data. And we were able to include many more measures of customer health in the score because of Gainsight.

Calum Mcintyre
CSM and Gainsight Administrator at AutoRek

Other Gainsight tools, like Journey Orchestrator, Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Dashboards, and Timeline, have helped transform the role of the CSM. “I really like the Timeline, being able to tag different activities,” says Mcintyre. “It’s always good to be able to go back and retrace your steps to figure out how you got to a certain position.”


Improved efficiencies have resulted in an average of 2 hours of time saved per week per CSM. Gainsight has also had a measurable impact on AutoRek’s Customer Success performance in terms of engagement, consistency, and collaboration. 

Using Gainsight Journey Orchestrator, they were able to pull together disparate customer information systems into one contact list. They leveraged that to promote customer events, like a virtual classroom.

“It’s safe to say that attendance was significantly higher than the old way of working. The uptake has been absolutely fantastic.”
– Calum Mcintyre, CSM and Gainsight Administrator at AutoRek.

One of the goals of their transformation was to deploy a more “industrial” version of NPS alongside their other portfolio health indicators. “The new NPS survey launched with Gainsight has been a massive step forward for us. We are now able to execute NPS at scale, quickly, and easily capture real-time, really pointy data,” says Hall.

Big picture, the automated tools and improved data have allowed AutoRek to build a consistent, modular, and most importantly, scalable customer success model. 

“Gainsight Playbooks and CTAs ensure that we are consistently approaching engagement the same way across the board,” explains Hall. And they have a consistent view of data through Gainsight Dashboards. “Our new service review Dashboard was pretty game changing,” she continues. “Having the dashboard for reference during customer meetings has been a big win. And the same information is available across the board for other CSMs, as well.”

Finally, Gainsight data around customer health has fostered better collaboration among AutoRek’s teams. “Gainsight helped create a dialogue that drove much more strategic conversations,” says Hall. 

The end result is that the entire company is now aligned around a single view of the customer.

When you’re a small business, you can have silos around customer information, and that’s fine. But that’s not how you scale.

Sarah Hall
Vice President of Customer Success at AutoRek

With Gainsight on board, Hall’s team is ready for accelerated growth. “As we continue to build integration points within Gainsight, we will create efficiencies that serve the customer better,” Hall says. “Which is ultimately where we’re all trying to land.”