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How the Combination of CS, PX and CE Is Empowering Harri’s Teams and Customers

Harri’s shift to Gainsight has powered an outcomes-based approach that not only increases efficiency and product adoption, but also helps them achieve business goals.

We wanted to consolidate our tools to be in one place—we didn’t want to have six different tools across the customer success function.

Dan Maimone
Head of Customer Success and Global Director of Customer Success Operations, Harri

In Brief

By consolidating their Customer Success (CS), Product Experience (PX), and Customer Education (CE) tools under the Gainsight umbrella, Harri adopted a unified approach that has transformed their customer success operations and delivered substantial value to their teams and customers. With this unified approach Harri has been able to:

  • Improve CSM reach by streamlining interactions and workflows
  • Gain insights into customer behaviors using learning analytics to understand and predict customer needs and responses.
  • Tailor success plans by combining insights from CS and PX.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies integrating advanced AI tools and automated solutions.
  • Drive outcome-based adoption by linking product usage directly to customer success metrics.
  • Support strategic decision-making by providing real-time data and insights.



A Rapidly Growing Customer Success Organization

Harri is the all-in-one human capital management platform for the hospitality industry. Over the past five years, the company has been expanding rapidly as they continue to innovate, accelerate growth, and scale in response to market demand. As Harri has grown, their customer success organization has matured. According to Dan Maimone, Head of Customer Success and Global Director of Customer Success Operations at Harri, they needed to upgrade their technological capabilities in order to keep pace.

Before adopting Gainsight, Maimone’s team was using Salesforce cases to manage customer success. “We were growing and costs were quite challenging back then to find the right tool,” Maimone recalls. “We wanted to consolidate our tools to be in one place—we didn’t want to have six different tools across the customer success function.”


A Unified Approach to Customer Success

Harri turned to Gainsight as a way to manage projects and quickly showcase return on investment and time to value for their customers. Gainsight CS allowed them to enhance their customer success function by proactively managing customer health scores and automating communications. The addition of Gainsight PX enabled them to gather deeper insights into user behavior and drive product adoption. Lastly, Gainsight CE allowed them to scale and streamline their once manual customer education efforts. By combining Gainsight CS, PX, and CE, they have been able to improve both operations and the customer experience.

As a team that operates with a high-touch model, Harri’s customer success managers (CSMs) have a lot on their plates. Having CS and PX on the same platform has helped their team to close the loop on issues more quickly using automated workflows that operate seamlessly across the various Gainsight tools.

“We went with Gainsight PX because we understood that having an end-to-end customer success and product experience platform was more powerful than having a very disjointed one,” Maimone says.

Adding Gainsight Customer Education to the suite of Gainsight tools has helped the Customer Success team identify correlations between course completion and sentiment. This analysis helps track behaviors such as the frequency of usage, types of courses completed, the pace of learning, and more. These behaviors give the team critical insights into customer engagement and satisfaction. “Customer Education doesn’t directly sit within Customer Success within our organization, but the data is really powerful in facilitating conversations with our customers,” Maimone explains.

“Because it [customer data] is all part of one platform, we can holistically see everything from our customer experience in one place.”

Optimizing Internal Efficiencies

Harri uses Gainsight Customer Education primarily during onboarding and implementation so that their Implementation Consultants and Customer Success Teams could transition away from client facing training and be more strategic in their roles. They moved from a high-touch training model to on-demand courses quite quickly. “As we started to scale, a Gainsight-powered user-led training approach has been really powerful,“ Maimone says. “Our CS teams started taking on a much more proactive role on their calls rather than being deep in the weeds with the customer.”

Gainsight AI has also helped make CSMs’ lives easier by delivering deep dive information on customers. “Gainsight AI was really powerful for us to really understand what’s going on with our customers,” Maimone says. “Even when a CSM thinks they know everything about the account, Gainsight’s AI tools tell them more.”

Tailored Success Plans That Help Customer Achieve Desired Outcomes

Gainsight success plans have made a big impact on Harri’s customers. The Customer Success team uses CS and PX together to identify client goals and outcomes and then builds workflows around them.

“Gainsight has digitized success planning quite a bit,” Maimone says. “In PX, we identify what customers can be focused on for this year. We can tag them and tailor communication based upon their desired outcomes, rather than push communications that might not be quite as specific to them.”

They also use PX data to create success snapshots that target features based on desired outcomes. For example, when customers are looking to drive down their labor percentage in the business, these are smart scheduling tools to make sure that they have optimized labor.

“Gainsight has helped us do quite a bit in terms of success plans, which has really enabled CSMs to have meaningful conversations with their main points of contact.”


Improved Efficiency and Increased Adoption

Gainsight has helped the Harri Customer Success team operationalize their processes to work smarter. For example, they now execute NPS surveys in-app via PX. They then use Gainsight Journey Orchestrator to follow up with detractors and promoters. An automated email might invite a promoter to participate in a G2 review, which has enabled them to win quite a few badges and awards.

“We set up the NPS process with about 30 minutes of configuration within Gainsight, automating workflows to outreach to our customers to get those reviews in place,” says Maimone. “That’s been quite powerful.”

They also use a transcription tool that integrates with Gainsight called Meeting Assist, which populates into Gainsight Timeline, saving five-plus hours a week for their team. “That saved a lot of time, on average about three hours a week for our CSMs,” says Maimone. “And pulling in tasks and timeline entries automatically saves an additional two hours per week for our CSMs.”

With Gainsight PX, information about customer progress toward their goals is available in real time, rather than having to wait for an update at the end of the month. “With Gainsight, you don’t have to wait to start achieving outcomes and celebrating wins. The ability to showcase what CSM customer success is all about in reality is quite exciting for us. That’s the power of one with Gainsight.”

Harri has used the combined powers of Gainsight PX and CS to drive outcomes-based adoption. “Gainsight PX Dashboards helped us keep track of key outcomes for our customers. That’s been really beneficial for us. Even if we just screenshot from the Dashboard and add it into a success plan.”

Text analytics from Gainsight CS has demonstrated that customers who used interview scheduling functionality had 15% higher NPS scores. That insight sparked the impetus for the Customer Success team to ask the Product team to do more development work on the interview feature.

After adopting Gainsight CE, Harri saw an uptake in user engagement with their learning platforms as they transitioned to micro-learning and self-directed learning paths. Their user persona–driven learning paths offered customers training that was relevant and directly applicable to their specific needs, which enhanced its effectiveness. These shifts resulted in more frequent and effective use of Harri’s product.

The move away from in-person training to e-learning and digital content has also helped operationally, enabling the Customer Education team to work more efficiently and increase their training capacity.

What’s Next

Maimone and his team are excited to continue working with Gainsight because they are known for being on the leading edge of best practices. Having multiple tools with one provider creates more synergies to help the team grow and explore.

“We want to have as much in one place as possible. We know the insights that that gives us,” Maimone says. “Our mantra for our own customers is to have everything in one place. So we want to replicate that with all the tools we use to drive customer success.”