Your existing customers are often your greatest source of revenue.

Gainsight RO enables Sales teams to drive growth through predictive analytics, streamlined renewal workflows, and whitespace analysis.

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Accurately forecast and streamline your renewals process.

Forecast and manage your book of business with predictive renewal scores and real-time visibility into open and at-risk renewals, and ensure a best-in-class renewal experience.

  • Align Your Team Around Renewals.

    With Gainsight, you can bring your team, processes, and technology together to drive renewals at scale and direct resources to at-risk customers that need it most.

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Never again miss an expansion opportunity.

Gainsight RO automatically alerts your team to upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on dimensions such as license utilization, sentiment, capacity, whitespace, and more.

  • Automate expansion at scale.

    With Gainsight's orchestration capabilities, your team can drive personalized email offers about new features, products, and services to precisely targeted customer segments, ensuring you capitalize on every potential revenue opportunity

  • Analyze and predict your book of business using overall and individual views in Renewals Center.

    • Visualize open, closed, and at-risk renewals in one clean and easy-to-navigate UI.
    • Generate and tweak renewals forecasts by using real-time, predictive likelihood-to-renew scores.
    • Quickly analyze reasons for churn, identify gaps in data, and drill down into at-risk renewals.
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  • Optimize your renewals with automatically triggered, insight-driven Playbooks.

    • Get notified about upcoming renewals based on a configurable time cadence as well customer risk, segment, or other key factors.
    • Ensure the right actions are taken at the right time and leverage pre-populated email templates.
    • Trigger different playbooks based on customer type, risk status, and more.
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  • Leverage data to have informed, strategic sales conversations with 360 View, whitespace dashboards, and Success Plans.

    • Sell additional product and services packages by identifying current gaps.
    • Use health scores and other essential customer data to inform tailored expansion conversations.
    • Develop account plans to work cross-functionally towards expansion objectives.
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  • Automate renewals, identify expansion opportunity, and optimize outreach with Journey Orchestrator.

    • Trigger journeys to guide customers through an automated and personalized renewal process.
    • Send email campaigns about new products and services to a targeted set of customers.
    • Bring in humans at the right point during the renewal or cross-sell process to optimize headcount.
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Leverage the power of data to ensure positive outcomes for every customer.

  • Using Gainsight for revenue optimization has allowed us to both specialize and scale our team. We have built an automated renewal system that can and has frequently facilitated a zero touch renewal plus growth process

    Ben Michael Sr.Manager, Customer Success