In App Feedback Software

Collect and Act on Meaningful Feedback

Understand the ‘why’ behind user actions to improve adoption, eliminate friction, and make more impactful product decisions.

Gainsight In-App Feedback

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Gainsight In-App Feedback

Reach More Users In-App

Dramatically increase survey response rates by engaging users instantly

  • Get better signal on important metrics like NPS by increased survey response rates
  • Use a variety of survey types, including ratings, multi-question, CES, CSAT and more, to capture different data points that inform product and customer success initiatives
  • Brand and customize pre-built templates to create native-feeling survey experiences

Layer Sentiment and Behavioral Data

Effectively prioritize roadmap and product needs with a more holistic view of your users

  • Discover friction points, then use surveys to understand why users are encountering challenges
  • Assess customer effort on specific or new features to collect critical insights into feature success that supplement usage data
  • Combine conditional survey branching with enhanced targeting data to create specific, compelling questions asked to just the right users
Gainsight In-App Feedback
Gainsight In-App Feedback

Close The Loop With Users

Get continuous feedback to make more effective business decisions around product experience

  • Collect, analyze and take action on user feedback to make smarter product investments
  • Get real-time feedback as you make product changes to quickly assess impact on user experiences
  • Surface which customers are promoters and engage them in betas, product roundtables, or advocacy efforts

ReviewPro drove a 3700% increase in NPS responses with Gainsight PX