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Engage Users 
Digitally, at Scale

Leverage in-app guidance to achieve customer success milestones and drive user satisfaction.

Gainsight Engagements

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Gainsight Engagements

Frictionless Experiences

Personalized Customer Guidance

  • Empower users with WYSIWYG-driven onboarding for immediate product proficiency and satisfaction.
  • Offer self-paced, self-service guides, video tutorials, and in-app assistance to facilitate a smooth journey from novice to power user
  • Deliver tailored content based on persona, customer health and usage data to proactively reduce user frustration.

Proactive Outreach and Support

Right Message, Right User, Right Time

  • Deploy thoughtful guides to help users adopt new features
  • Use analytics to anticipate customer needs and provide proactive support, addressing user friction before it becomes a hurdle to product adoption
  • Use digital touchpoints to reduce reliance on customer-facing teams and drive proactive answers to common customer needs
Gainsight Engagements
Gainsight Engagements

Data-Driven Customer Success

Scale CS with Consumption Data

  • Align the business around a centralized data repository that flows naturally into Gainsight CS
  • Utilize customer data analytics and user adoption insights to personalize customer success programs and digital touchpoints
  • Automate and orchestrate customer engagements to deliver consistent experiences at scale
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Dealerware drove a 260% increase in engagement with best practice content using in-app engagements.