Our Vision

Businesses today use data, analytics and automation to give their teams the edge they need to acquire new customers. However, once new customers are onboarded, siloed data sets, error-prone guesswork and manual workflows can leave them blind to the actual condition of those customers. That's why customer-driven enterprises are leveraging the power unlocked by customer data in order to get proactive about identifying at-risk customers while growing the lifetime value of healthy ones.

A new paradigm, called Customer Success Management, has begun to take shape. It's not just an organization, but an attitude across the entire enterprise, with a delicate balance of people, processes and enabling technology. With Gainsight, your business can leverage customer intelligence and automation to proactively manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify upsell opportunities.

Our Values

At Gainsight, we don't believe in doing things as a "means to an end." Life's too short to have anything short of a joyful work environment that we passionately believe in. We think that "work vs. life" is a false choice created by pundits, cynics and consultants. We also believe that any community (like a company) needs a ton of diversity and a very small number of things that bring us together.

Here are our 3:

  • Golden Rule: We try to practice the Golden Rule ("Do unto others..." and that sort of thing) by exercising reliability, trust and giving back to each other and our community.
  • Success for All: We believe that success for our stakeholders—whether our teammates, clients or shareholders—comes with a sincere focus on continuous learning, selfless teaching and making a difference in each other’s lives.
  • Child-like Joy: We aspire to experience child-like joy in our work and lives, injecting a spirit of passion, optimism and laughter into everything that we do.

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Working at Gainsight means helping to define the next great category of enterprise software - and helping to co-create a joyful work environment. We want people who thrive in a customer-centric environment and care about our three values of the Golden Rule, Success for All and Child-like Joy.

We’re changing the way businesses understand their customers. Want to help?

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As a huge sports fan, Nick thinks of his job as being like that of a head coach. His role is to help bring the right people together on the team and put them in the best position to win for our customers, partners, employees and their families. He’s a big believer in the Golden Rule and we try to apply it as much as we can to bring more compassion to our interactions with others. And he talks way too fast and overuses the word awesome like it’s going out of style. Before coming to Gainsight, Nick was the CEO of awesome leading Software-as-a-Service E-Discovery provider LiveOffice through its acquisition by Symantec and prior to that was a Vice President at VERITAS Software and Symantec Corporation.

Three Things You Need to Know About Nick:

  1. He was a co-founder of a golf ecommerce company in college during the dotcom days.  All that’s left now are memories and this commercial.  It’s a darn good commercial.
  2. CEOing was his “safety job” after his first dream of playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers fell through, mostly due to lack of any physical talent whatsoever and utter clumsiness.  But he did make the Bill Simmons Football Mailbag once!
  3. Because of their football obsession, he and his wife are raising their 3 young children in brazen, North Korea-style Pittsburgh Steelers brainwashing.

Allison Pickens is VP of Customer Success & Business Operations at Gainsight. She started her career in management consulting at BCG and later worked in private equity investing at Bain Capital. At both companies she was responsible for helping organizations drive change and scale effectively. After starting a company and getting her first failure out of the way, Allison decided that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at Gainsight when Bain Capital led the Series B. She believes that customer success is a team sport and has been known to lead her CSM team in rally cries from her old lacrosse days.

Three Things You Need to Know About Allison: 
  1. She has a terrible voice but takes karaoke very seriously.  She has been known to break it down to Timber in the office and educates Nick about music in the modern era.
  2. She once was an avid lacrosse player and is determined to organize Gainsight’s first-ever Field Day, complete with relay races and super soakers (remember those?).
  3. One of her dreams in life is to write for The Onion.  She promises that this bio does not sufficiently convey her sense of humor.

Dan is Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer and, in that role, has ultimate responsibility for Gainsight’s customer’s satisfaction and success.  Customers are his passion going all the way back to his days as an SE at IBM. Dan’s career includes being a very early employee at Epiphany, Co-Founder at NearbyNow, and VP of Customer Success at both Mozes and Marketo before joining Gainsight.  Dan is a recognized expert and thought leader in the Customer Success field and brings that thought leadership into execution at Gainsight both with the Customer Success organization and with our products.

Three Things You Need to Know About Dan:

  1. Family and friends come first.
  2. He wants to host a sports talk show someday, but will settle for just being a fan today.
  3. Despite being raised in a distinctly non-country club world (North Dakota), he migrated to country club sports for fun and competition (golf and tennis).


Puja Ramani is Gainsight’s Sr. Director, Product Marketing. Puja builds Gainsight’s analytics and data discovery capabilities for enterprises to explore their data troves to gets answers to questions they didn’t know they had. Puja joins from Facebook where she worked on data-driven small business retention. Prior to Facebook, Puja held product management and engineering roles at Intuit. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

Three things you need to know about Puja:

  1. Puja spends most of her time out of work chasing after her 16 month old daughter 
  2. She is addicted to Quora, especially the Taylor Swift and Ke$ha topics 
  3. Puja loves testing the latest consumer apps and services such as Angry Birds and Hyperloops.

As the Co-founder and VP Engineering, Sreedhar leads our Engineering team here at Gainsight and loves building products that deliver true ‘business value’ to our customers. Sreedhar and our founder, Jim Eberlin, have been long time partners, wherein Sreedhar co-founded Host Analytics’ and was instrumental in building Host Analytics’ product suite, development team, and company into an industry leading SaaS Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. Jim and Sreedhar partnered again at Gainsight to build our product suite that focuses on customer retention, which is a key business need for all of the subscription based businesses.

Three Things You Need to Know About Sreedhar: 

  1. Loves to learn everyday and wishes that the Matrix style learning is a reality.
  2. Loves to spend time with his wife and two sons.
  3. Wants to end up as a teacher some day.


Denise leads all things related to creating solutions in the field with our customers.  She believes in partnership with her customers and delivering expertise that leads to successful deployment of Gainsight’s solution.  Denise has been implementing business software applications for over 20 years and built and led services teams at Marketo, Right90, and Epiphany.

Three Things You Need to Know About Denise:

  1. She loves soccer and plays on three teams and, on any given Sunday, is bound to catch a couple of Premier League games.
  2. She and her partner have more dogs than most people think is normal – a pack of whippets.
  3. She takes the opportunity at least once a year to backpack outdoors for a week and isn’t deterred by the lack of shower facilities in the Sierra Nevada backcountry.

Anthony, or “AK” as he’s known around these parts, leads our Marketing team at Gainsight and has spent the last five years focused on the enterprise cloud application and security spaces.  As an early employee at Box, Anthony fell in love with startup life and learned the value that culture can bring to a growing company.  He joined Nick at LiveOffice, where he managed the company’s OEM relationship with Symantec from contract signature to acquisition in January 2012. Among his many hats, Anthony is responsible for branding and identity, lead generation, content marketing, social media, press and analyst relations, events and thought leadership.

Three Things You Need to Know About Anthony:

  1. Faith and family come first above all other things.
  2. He is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and enjoys playing pick-up basketball on the weekends.
  3. He developed his passion for photography after a not-so-minor obsession with Instagram.


Mike leads Gainsight’s Sales, Business Development and Solutions Consulting teams worldwide and brings a maniacal focus on building long-lasting customer relationships that deliver value and business impact.  Additionally, he loves creating successful Sales cultures based on integrity, collaboration and having fun! Mike has been working in the Cloud Technology business since before it was called Cloud (remember Service Bureaus, ASPs, Hosting and more recently SaaS?) leading Sales teams at Oracle, RightNow Technologies and as an individual contributor at TriZetto and INFOTrust back in his healthcare days.

Three Things You Need to Know About Mike:

  1. He, his Wife and daughters love to entertain friends and family…usually with more food than anyone could (or should) ever consume.  Ribs anyone?!
  2. Enjoys living and working in the Bay area…. but is a proud Chicago native and a passionate supporter of Fighting ILLINI football & basketball (his alma mater) as well as (Da) Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and Cubs & Sox (yes…he roots for both!)
  3. His “happy place” is Lake Tahoe where you’ll find him and his family skiing on most winter weekends.
Sherif’s mission is to find meaning in data. But he knows that statistics can lie so his work is to separate the wheat from the chaff. He will help Gainsight customers to better understand their customers, and to predict growth opportunities and risks well in advance with high confidence. Prior to Gainsight, Sherif served as Senior Director of Analytics at SAP Labs, where he led a Data Science team. He has also held leadership positions at Sun Microsystems, Loglogic and Mimosa Systems, and was on the original fraud detection team at Visa. In his spare time, Sherif developed a predictive model on how many times Nick Mehta will say “awesome” in a day as a function of the color of Nick’s shirt and socks and where we are in the quarter.
Three Things You Need to Know About Sherif:
  1. Sherif’s hobby is to collect degrees and citizenships: He has so far accumulated four university degrees and three citizenships
  2. Sherif is inspired by Julia Child’s quote: “You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love”, but he is a terrible cook.
  3. Sherif’s ideal vacation is to spend time on a mediterranean beach with his two teenage sons.


Karl will lead Gainsight’s expanded product vision and execution for a comprehensive customer success platform that help customers take action. Karl has held senior product and marketing roles as an early employee at VMware, leading product management for VirtualCenter, driving the acquisition of SpringSource, and leading the vFabric business unit.  Karl has also run product teams at enterprise social pioneer, Jive, and predictive analytics pioneer Infer. Prior to his software career, Karl was an academic mathematician, lecturing at Stanford University after receiving a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

Three Things You Need to Know About Karl:
  1. Karl taught large freshman Calculus courses at Stanford in the late 90s.  He occasionally runs into tech companies folks who are startled when they realize that he was their math professor.
  2. Karl can’t shave off his mustache because his wife and kids will assume he is a stranger and lock him out of the house. 
  3. Karl grew up near the ocean in San Diego but is weirdly more into basketball than surfing.

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