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Our Vision

Businesses today use data, analytics and automation to give their teams the edge they need to acquire new customers.  However, once new customers are onboarded, siloed data sets, error-prone guesswork and manual workflows can leave them blind to the actual condition of those customers.  That's why customer-driven enterprises are leveraging the power unlocked by customer data in order to get proactive about identifying at-risk customers while growing the lifetime value of healthy ones.  

A new paradigm, called Customer Success Management, has begun to take shape.  It's not just an organization, but an attitude across the entire enterprise, with a delicate balance of people, processes and enabling technology. With Gainsight, your business can leverage customer intelligence and automation to proactively manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify upsell opportunities.


Our Values

At Gainsight, we don't believe in doing things as a "means to an end." Life's too short to have anything short of a joyful work environment that we passionately believe in.  We think that "work vs. life" is a false choice created by pundits, cynics and consultants.  We also believe that any community (like a company) needs a ton of diversity and a very small number of things that bring us together. 

Here are our 3:

  • Golden Rule:  We try to practice the Golden Rule ("Do unto others..." and that sort of thing) by exercising reliability, trust and giving back to each other and our community.
  • Success for All: We believe that success for our stakeholders—whether our teammates, clients or shareholders—comes with a sincere focus on continuous learning, selfless teaching and making a difference in each other’s lives.
  • Child-like Joy: We aspire to experience child-like joy in our work and lives, injecting a spirit of passion, optimism and laughter into everything that we do.


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Working at Gainsight means helping to define the next great category of enterprise software - and helping to co-create a joyful work environment.  We want people who thrive in a customer-centric environment and care about our three values of the Golden Rule, Success for All and Child-like Joy.

We’re changing the way businesses understand their customers.  Want to help?

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Battery Ventures has seen the importance of Customer Success in its own portfolio of leading SaaS companies (like Marketo, BazaarVoice and ExactTarget) and sought us out because of that.  We are excited to have Battery's partnership!

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