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Creating a Customer Gift Experience that Wows (and Helps you Win)

by Michael Litt, Co-founder and CEO of Vidyard Best in class businesses bending over backwards to help customers become wildly successful is old news. It’s not a secret that to build a successful business, you need happy customers. Many happy customers. And the best businesses understand that the path to customer happiness starts with their

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Churn is Psychological; Here is how to Defeat it.

Recent studies have shown that failed onboarding and implementation are the biggest reasons for churn in the software business. It’s no surprise though; the time between the purchase of the solution and seeing first value is generally a period where the buyer is experiencing buyer’s remorse. This bout of remorse is not because your product

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How to find the Perfect Customer Success Manager

“How do I find the best Customer Success Manager for my team?”    Every week, we field this question from Customer Success leaders. In this post, we’ll share an actionable framework and a free 10 question CSM hiring checklist to help you find the best Customer Success Manager for your company. Hiring great CSMs is tough,

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How Gainsight Built Customer Success into our Onboarding Process

Customer Success begins before your customers fully adopt your product. From the moment the contract is signed, you have to be strategic in each of your customer touch points. The customer is excited begin using your software, but this excitement can quickly turn to buyers remorse if their expectations aren’t met. Onboarding is difficult, all

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What do Customer Success and Direct Marketing have in common?

About 10 years ago, I completed the Interactive and Direct Marketing Diploma with the @IDM, in London. Outside of the stress of a two day sit down exam, the course and the business cases we developed were filled with extremely valuable information. Although I now work in the Customer Success industry, I keep thinking of

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1 to Many: The Real Difference Between Low- and High-Touch

If you ever attend a meetup of Customer Success professionals and want to heat-up the discussion, ask how low-touch (from a human-centric standpoint) differs from high-touch and where or if they can coexist within the same customer segment. Then sit back and enjoy the fireworks. This is a very contentious topic because it involves the

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ROI of Customer Success for Information Services & Market Research User Groups

When assessing the ROI of investing in a Customer Success solution, a couple key questions you should ask yourself are: 1) Who are the key stakeholders? 2) In what ways will this benefit them? Although these are simple questions, the answers aren’t always straightforward. When it comes to Customer Success, your goals should be to

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5 Customer Success Learnings from PulseCheck 2015

PulseCheck 2015 was absolutely amazing, with nearly 2000 people from around the world tuned-in – on average for nearly 4 hours(!) – to learn from experts in customer success who covered topics both executives and customer success leaders and practitioners need to know. And just in case you missed it or would like to go

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Strengthen and Leverage your Company’s Best Resource: Customer Advocates

The power of a customer’s own words to describe and share their experience with your company can not be undervalued. Today, Gainsight and Boulder Logic announce an integration of Boulder Logic’s leading customer reference management solution with Gainsight’s Customer Success Platform. With Gainsight’s integration with Boulder Logic, you can now synthesize data gathered during a

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Information Services, the Subscription Economy, and the Value of Customer Success

The business of buying and selling information is booming. In this competitive and rapidly growing industry, how can companies set themselves apart from the competition, while also contributing to their long-term growth? The answer: Customer Success. How does your company classify itself — Are you in the Information Services industry? Market Research? Market Intelligence? Business

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