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How Tricentis Uses AI for Customer Success and Support

What do Miley Cyrus and artificial intelligence have in common? Well, at times it can feel like deciding how you utilize the power of artificial intelligence for your organization is “The Climb.” It’s not always an easy journey, but one that will be worthwhile.

In a recent webinar, Strategic CX in Action: How Tricentis Leverages AI for Customer Success and Support Alignment, Somya Kapoor, CEO and Co-founder, TheLoops, and Genady Rashkovan, VP of Global Support, Tricentis, discussed the role of AI in transforming Customer Support and Success. With decades of collective experience in the field, the speakers shed light on how AI is revolutionizing traditional practices and paving the way for more efficient and insightful customer interactions.

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Defining AI in Customer Support and Success

Kapoor and Rashkovan discussed their perspectives on what AI means in the context of customer support and success, emphasizing the diverse applications of AI, from chatbots facilitating customer interactions to advanced analytics platforms. 

They likened AI engines to neural links, forming a network that drives intelligent decision-making, much like the human brain. Kapoor and Rashkovan also discussed AI’s role in aggregating and analyzing vast amounts of data, enabling deeper insights and more efficient workflows for Customer Success Managers (CSMs). 

Throughout the discussion, one thing became clear: the transformative power of AI for B2B SaaS. We’re undergoing a paradigm shift in tech, driven by Gen AI—much like the shift from on-premise to cloud computing, where processes that once took months or years can now be completed in minutes or hours. 

The Revolution of AI in Customer Support and Success

Kapoor and Rashkovan agreed that AI is revolutionizing Customer Support and Customer Success, offering unprecedented speed and productivity gains. The shift from ticket-based support to conversational interactions, enabled by AI-powered bots and automation, is an absolute game-changer. 

During the webinar, Kapoor and Rashkovan emphasized the importance of leveraging AI to mine these interactions for insights, allowing support leaders to provide real-time, personalized experiences to customers. 

The bottom line: AI enables CSMs to focus on building deeper relationships with customers by automating repetitive tasks and surfacing actionable insights from data. Kapoor and Rashkovan agreed that AI’s ability to drive efficiency and provide real-time insights is transforming traditional Support and Success workflows, offering new opportunities for enhancing customer experiences.

Enhancing Proactivity and Efficiency with AI

Another major takeaway from the webinar is that AI enables organizations to be more proactive and efficient. One use case is analyzing large quantities of rich data. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can predict customer behavior and enable Support teams to address issues before they escalate. 

Additionally, AI-driven analytics provide valuable insights into customer interactions, allowing organizations to refine processes and deliver personalized experiences in real time. This shift towards proactivity and efficiency is bridging the gap between Support and Customer Success, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and retention.

Data Quality and Getting Started With AI

The discussion also addressed the importance of data quality and the challenges of getting started with AI. While enterprise data may never be perfect, AI technology is evolving to self-clean and improve over time. Kapoor and Rashkovan urge organizations to get started with AI initiatives, leveraging tools that offer feedback loops to enhance accuracy and efficiency over time. 

Despite the complexities, the potential benefits of AI in Customer Support and Customer Success make it a worthwhile investment for organizations looking to stay competitive in a market that demands efficiency. As AI continues to evolve, its impact on the Customer Success function is only expected to grow.

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