Scoring Big With Horizon AI: How Scorecard Optimizer Is Changing the Game for Customer Health and Team Wins Image

Scoring Big With Horizon AI: How Scorecard Optimizer Is Changing the Game for Customer Health and Team Wins

In the increasingly competitive digital landscape, customer success teams are the linchpins of retaining and expanding customer relationships. The key to their success lies in accurately gauging customer health through meticulously designed scorecards. However, traditional methods of scorecard creation and optimization often fall short, leading to missed opportunities and unforeseen churns. This is where Gainsight’s Scorecard Optimizer, powered by Horizon AI, becomes a true game-changer.

Closing the Distance With Horizon AI

In the spirit of “garbage in, garbage out”, health scores are often only as good as the data and parameters that are set for them. For instance, if your scores don’t factor in actual product usage data you may have several ‘watermelons’ – customers that are green on the outside, red on the inside – by missing important context for your scores to reflect true customer engagement and value attainment. 

Alternatively, you may have all the right data points just not know what makes a ‘good’ scorecard and what weights are best fit for your customer base. While the DEAR framework (Deployment, Engagement, Adoption, ROI) offers great insights and starting points, each business and their customers are unique, and you may have weights or measures that aren’t the best fit for your unique business. 

Scorecard Optimizer represents a significant leap forward in the management and utilization of customer health scores. By leveraging a wide range of data points – historical renewal data, adoption data, survey response data, and cases – it offers Gainsight Admins instant configuration recommendations. This streamlines the setup of new scorecards, it also enhances the efficacy of existing ones, ensuring they are as precisely tuned to predict risks and opportunities early on as possible.

With instant, AI-powered analysis of your existing scorecard and recommendations to improve it, you can now quickly understand the prediction power of your scores and distribution across renewals, as well as the efficacy of each individual scorecard measure.

Changing the Health Score Game

The introduction of Horizon AI in Gainsight’s scorecards delivers enhanced reliability, efficiency, and strategic foresight for CS teams. The direct access to optimized scorecard configurations not only saves time from what could be extensive data analysis, it also helps CS teams more quickly understand and dial in on the high-value activities that directly impact customer satisfaction and retention. 

To learn more about how AI powers business, check out this video with Meenal Shukla, Director of Customer Success at Gainsight.

Scorecard Optimizer helps teams to rely more on health scores with more accurate predictions and accompanying strategies, take more timely risk management action with better, earlier warnings of churn, and better manage renewals. 

Gainsight’s Scorecard Optimizer, powered by HorizonAI, is not just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in how organizations approach customer health scoring. By integrating AI-driven insights with Gainsight’s best practices such as the DEAR framework, it offers a robust solution that ensures customer success teams are not just reacting to changes but are ahead of the curve in driving growth and engagement. Check it out for yourself in the video below and learn more about the power of AI at Gainsight today.