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Popmenu’s Guide to Digital Customer Engagement

Digital innovation is constantly shaping customer relationships, and Popmenu stands out for how it’s using Gainsight Essentials for its customer engagement and growth strategies. Customer Education is an impactful way to set up a rock-solid foundation for customer outcomes, and Popmenu has embraced this by providing an extensive resource hub for its customers. By empowering customers to make the most of its platform, Popmenu demonstrates value well beyond being a service provider to its customers.  

Carie Buchanan, CXO, and Savannah Greene, Director of Solutions Marketing at Popmenu, shared their approach during our Essentials Business Review webinar. Buchanan and Greene offered several lessons on fostering digital customer engagement and driving successful customer outcomes. Let’s dive in.

Streamlining Customer Journeys

Prior to using Gainsight, Popmenu’s method for managing their Customer Success program was a series of spreadsheets. Through the Customer Success Platform, they had access to robust integration capabilities and a comprehensive feature set that aligned perfectly with Popmenu’s existing tools like Salesforce and Looker. 

By automating significant parts of the customer journey, Popmenu has been able to ensure a consistent and quality customer experience. The positive impact of that overhauled customer journey showed up in higher CSAT scores. 

Enhancing CSM Effectiveness

In addition to improving the customer experience, Popmenu was also able to improve the Customer Success Manager (CSM) experience. The company’s new data-driven approach improved individual CSM performance and elevated overall team performance. 

The impact has also spilled over to other departments. The integration of critical systems creates synergy among teams, which has helped the entire Popmenu team scale operations, break down silos, and work together more effectively. 

Digital Customer Success Strategy

Popmenu’s digital-first strategy, supported by Gainsight’s innovative toolset, extends beyond traditional self-service. The platform has enabled the transition of several CSM responsibilities into digital touchpoints. This allows CSMs to efficiently manage customer interactions while offloading routine tasks, so they can focus on more complex customer needs.

The Popmenu team shared several examples where their customers have seen benefits in the new approach: 

1. Enhanced Personalization

Popmenu has been able to gather and analyze customer data more effectively. This has enabled them to provide a more personalized experience for each customer. By understanding individual customer needs and preferences, Popmenu tailors their services and communications, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Proactive Support and Issue Resolution

By leveraging predictive analytics and customer health scores, Popmenu can anticipate potential problems before they escalate. This proactive approach ensures that customers receive timely help, improving their overall experience and reducing churn rates.

3. Access to Education and Best Practices

Popmenu has been able to offer its customers more comprehensive access to educational materials and best practices. This includes targeted content delivered at the right time in the customer journey, such as tips for optimizing online ordering. These resources help customers maximize the value they get from Popmenu’s platform, leading to better business outcomes and greater satisfaction with the software.

Looking ahead, Popmenu anticipates continued evolution in Digital Customer Success. Their advice for businesses embarking on this journey? Buchanan and Greene emphasized the importance of having a well-defined customer journey and a clear vision of the experience you want to create for customers. 

To get the full story, watch the webinar: Beyond the Spreadsheet: A Masterclass for Workflow Scaling.

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