Gainsight Glossary

What Is Customer Engagement

In today’s ‘age of the customer’, customer engagement is considered one of the key factors for driving sales and revenue. But what is customer engagement and how it can contribute to business growth and success.

Customer engagement refers to the interactions between the customer and the company or brand. Gainsight knows that customer engagement is really important in the subscription economy where revenue is realized over the lifetime of the customer. Customers do not get easily convinced with one off experiences. With customer retention becoming the key aspect of growing market share, a positive long term customer engagement can secure commitment and loyalty. Hence, Gainsight focuses on building and developing healthy and productive customer relationships through regular meaningful customer engagement. Below are some benefits of customer engagement.

  • Customer retention
  • Maximize customer value
  • Improve sales
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Enhance company reputation
  • customer acquisition
  • Reduce customer churn

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