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Deploying Gainsight Without Usage Data

There’s an abundance of data in every enterprise.  There always has been but today, it’s much easier to extract and move around.  One of the results of this is that most organizations are becoming more and more data-driven.  Take Marketing for example.  10 years ago Marketing was perhaps the least measurable organization in the enterprise. 

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An Honest Reflection on Pulse 2014

It’s been a little over a month since 900+ leaders in Customer Success gathered in San Francisco for Pulse 2014. We’ve shared some of the initial numbers and content from the historic event, however, we wouldn’t be much of a Customer Success company if we didn’t survey the attendees and share the results of our

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Customer Success Starts with User Success

Enterprise technology has historically been built to serve an IT buyer. If you’ve ever filled out an RFP, you would almost certainly have seen a laundry list of requirements using words like controls, administration and compliance. Often missing from that list (or de-prioritized at least) was a focus on user needs, since addressing the business

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Approaching the Customer Success “Tipping Point”

Today is a special day for the Customer Success industry.  We announced that Gainsight has been named by Gartner a 2014 Cool Vendor for CRM Sales.  This recognition is more than validation of our efforts as a vendor in this space; Gartner’s decision represents broader validation from the industry’s leading analyst firm that a sharp focus

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Gainsight’s New Customer Success Evangelist

Having personally helped hundreds of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies scale their businesses over the last 5 years, I can say without a doubt that being truly focused on Customer Success is the key to creating real business value in 2014 and going forward. I’ve witnessed first-hand how Customer Success is the new “vendor lock-in” – if

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Gainsight Platform Spring Release

Hi everyone, I’m thrilled to have joined the Gainsight team to lead our Product Management and Analytics roadmap. Prior to Gainsight, I was at Facebook where I worked closely with our Customer Success teams, using predictive analytics to drive advertiser retention. Through this experience, I was exposed to the large market opportunity for Customer Success

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[Webinar] 6 Ways to Find & Keep Your Best Customers with Big Data

The Big Data proliferation today offers companies a great opportunity, but without the right lenses in place, more data just creates more problems. How can companies navigate prospect and customer data to find and keep their best customers? Gainsight joins forces with Radius in a not-to-miss webinar to answer this question. Find Your Best Customers Radius’s marketing

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10 Simple Rules for Dating My At-Risk Customer

In many ways, the relationship you have with an at-risk customer follows the same trajectory as dating. In the traditional sense of the word (read: not Tinder). Customer Success managers identify which customers need a little TLC and embark on recovering the relationship. The first place to look for problems is the onboarding phase. While

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Fighting the Churnbot | A Memoir

We may never have met formally, but I think we know each other quite well.  My name is Sally McField.  My family knows me as Sally or Mom, and my business card reads Customer Success Manager. However, I have a secret life that I keep hidden when I go to work everyday – I transform

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Although full bellies, football games and a giant Snoopy floating above the streets of NYC, often distract us, Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and reflecting on what we are blessed with. We feel especially fortunate at Gainsight, having just gone through a second round of funding, a great experience at Dreamforce and the addition of several

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