Guide and Grow your Customers with Success Plans

Gainsight (and any good Customer Success tool) claims to help you end your days of customer fire-drills and replace them with sunny days of skipping through fields of daisies hand-in-hand with your customer. That may be slightly hyperbolic but the idea is that Gainsight aims to help you shift from reactive customer management to proactive.

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Keep your Customer Lifecycle Flowing with an Integration between Gainsight and Azuqua

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Account Managers need to know everything about their customers that there is to know– in real time and all the time. With the constant flow of new customer data to and from different systems, it is a sisyphean task to keep rolling that data management rock up the hill (so

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How Buyer Intelligence and Customer Success Work Hand in Hand at BlackBaud

Tracey Bozzelli is the Director of Competitive initiatives at Blackbaud. Blackbaud, a $2 billion software and service organization, is a world-class supplier of software tools, financial services and fund raising/gift management consulting expertise to non-profit organizations around the world. Blackbaud has an active customer success program. In late October 2015, Tracey participated in a conversation

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How B2B Can Avoid the Fate of the Music Industry

I’ve always been a pretty big music fan. When I’m at my desk at Gainsight (which these days is less often than my team would like) you could find me wired-in with Spotify almost certainly open on my laptop. Although many can poke fun at my musical tastes, one thing is for sure, the ability

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Understanding the Buyer As a Hero: What It Takes

In the previous post in this series, we explored the idea that in order to effectively understand customer as buyer behaviour, we need to treat the customer as hero. Most of our customers start their relationship with us as buyers. Once an organization decides to buy our product or service, things change. The individuals within

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Customer Success Managers and Sales Representatives: Heroes on a Journey

You are a sales rep working for an innovative organization with a great product. You’ve just been involved in pitching an opportunity to new prospect. They turned you down in favor of a competitor’s product. Your sales manager asks you what went on – why did we not win this business? You answer to the

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Creating Customer Success through Customer Feedback

Modern businesses rely on a vastly different methodology for creating revenue than their past counterparts. While the basic tenets of acquiring new customers, perfecting product and ensuring customer experience still remain true, the relationship with your customer means more today than it ever has. This is due to the change in many business models into

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Gainsight leverages AWS Cloud for security, scalability and reliability

With three-year sales growth of 5,314%, Gainsight needed to find a technology to scale with us. We needed a platform that would allow our customers to deliver massive customer success to all of their customers on a daily basis. We also need it to be secure and reliable so that we and our customers are

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CoPilot vs. Marketing Automation

Do you ever feel that you need to do more in less time? With the recent growth of Customer Success, this pressure for efficiency is making a significant appearance in the daily lives of Customer Success Managers. The obvious starting point for improvement is to automate a large volume of the interactions a CSM conducts

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Welcome to Selling 2.0

Have you ever called a customer and been asked a question that caught you off guard? Has any customer issue or opportunity surprised you recently? At Gainsight, we dislike such surprises. In fact, we dislike them so much that we have designed Gainsight to ensure that you never get blindsided by any of them. As

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